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Diabetes and acne

November 14, 2014 by Works with Water

As it is World Diabetes Day, we wanted to have a closer look at the link between diabetes and acne.

Research by the American Diabetes Association has found that around a third of people with diabetes will have a skin disorder caused or affected by diabetes at some time in their lives.  In some occasions, the onset of adult acne is actually one of the first visible signs of developing diabetes.

The connection between the two becomes clear when we look at how diabetes and acne develop in the body. 

Diabetes is a condition that causes a person’s blood sugar level (glucose) to become too high because the body cannot process it properly. In a healthy body, a hormone produced by the pancreas called insulin moves glucose out of the blood stream and into the body’s cells, where it is broken down into energy. However, if you suffer from diabetes, your body is not able to transform the glucose into energy, because either there isn’t enough insulin present (Type 1 diabetes) or because the insulin doesn’t function properly (Type 2 diabetes).

Type 1 diabetes can be classed as an auto-immune disease. The body’s immune system attacks and destroys the cells that produce insulin, causing for too much glucose to be left in the bloodstream. Type 2 diabetes – also known as insulin resistance – is the result of the body’s inability to produce enough insulin or when the body’s cells don’t react to insulin. In the UK, around 90% of all adults with diabetes have type 2 diabetes.

Can diabetes cause acne?

Many people with diabetes suffer from acne well beyond their teenage years due to hormonal imbalances caused by their illness. In addition, diabetes affects the skin’s ability to heal itself, which means that blemishes take longer to heal.

It is also known that having a diet high in sugar, salt and processed foods can increase your chance of developing diabetes as well as acne.

For those reasons, diabetes patients who suffer from acne often have difficulty getting their skin problem under control. However, just like any other acne sufferer, they may see an improvement in their skin condition by making changes to their diet, skincare regime and by taking additional supplements to control their acne.

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2 thoughts on “Diabetes and acne”

  1. angela amorsingh says:

    my granddaughter 11 as diabetes type 1, but she suffers with bad acne for a number of years what medication could she take ? she as tried all different kinds of facial washes and creams but dont seem to work. she as just started her new school i need some advice please could you help .thankyou.,

  2. Penny Laver's says:

    Please help my diabetes is uncontrolled insulin resistance I have spot driving me mad itcy bleeding skin.

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