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Customer leaves help: clear skin review on our Facebook page

October 3, 2012 by Works with Water

For companies such as ours, it is never easy to get our message and products, help: clear skin and help: revitalise my skin, taken seriously when there are so many pills, lotions and potions out there making false acne/skin treatment claims. This is why we rely so heavily on customer feedback and with the increased popularity of Facebook we look forward to customers using our help your skin page to do just that. Which is why we were so delighted when we spotted a message from MayMay Thitiya…

“I don’t have a blog to write a review about this product. I just want to say that I am impressed by this product. My skin has been clear after a month and it is still so clear. I have been using a lot of expensive skincare but nothing works on until I have found this amazing product! thanks a lot. I have been continuingly buying this product. This is gonna be my third purchase.”

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