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5 cosmetic ingredients to avoid for healthy looking skin

November 25, 2014 by Works with Water
Toxic cosmetic ingredients

You may think your skin is pretty tough, but it actually needs taking care of as much as any other part of your body – in fact, it’s your biggest organ! This means you need to know which cosmetic ingredients to avoid, which could dry your skin, lead to acne and even cause serious health complications later in life.

When it comes to skincare everyone is different. A cosmetic ingredient that could inflame one person’s eyes could make someone else’s look refreshed and wide-awake! No matter who you are, there are some potentially toxic and harmful makeup ingredients to avoid if you want to look healthy.

We’ve collected together a list of the products to avoid. Make a mental note and spend time reading the labels of the products you buy. It only takes a glance when you know which ingredients to avoid in cosmetics, and your skin will look better for it.

Makeup ingredients to avoid

1. Parabens

Paragons act as a preservative to help makeup last as long as possible, including some skincare products, lotions, foundations and deodorants. Parabens may be included on ingredients lists under names like Methyl or Propyl.

There’s been a lot of hype about the dangers of Parabens over recent years. In small amounts there’s no significant risk, but some researchers have linked Parabens to hormonal imbalances and even sterility issues. If you want to stay on the safe side, we recommend you steer clear!

2. Benzoyl Peroxide

Often used in treatments for acne, Benzoyl Peroxide is believed to behave like a mutagen. This means it can tamper with DNA and cause issues later in life to your wellbeing. It’s also linked to respiratory irritation and skin inflammation because it’s so strong.  Beware!

3. Triclosan

Triclosan is an antibacterial ingredient that keeps cosmetics fresh. Triclosan accumulates in your body and won’t flush out, so even small amounts add up over time because it’s synthetic. Researchers are concerned triclosan is be a danger to humans because of its toxicity. Like a few of the culprits on the list, it’s also been linked to cancer-causing chemicals and can irritate and aggravate your skin.

4. Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is actually banned in the EU, but we’ve included it because you can get it in many other countries – so be careful when you go shopping on holiday! It’s a major irritant found in some shampoos and nail products, and has also been linked to cancer.

5. Fragrance/Parfum

You may think a lovely fragrance is an innocent addition to your skincare products, but some of these sweet-smelling chemicals can lead to headaches, dizziness and irritate both your skin and your respiratory system. Don’t over-spray, if quitting your favourite fragrance feels a step too far.

It’s impossible to avoid every single cosmetic ingredient to avoid, but with some knowledge you can hopefully begin to pick the products that’ll calm your skin, clear it up AND make it happy, too!

Natural alternatives

If you’re concerned about putting different creams and treatments on your skin, then opt for the simplest options that are totally free from nasties and supplement your acne-fighting routine in other ways. For example, our product help: clear skin fights blemishes and acne from the inside out with 100% natural ingredients:

  • Lactoferrin sourced from milk protein
  • Oligofructose, a natural soluble fibre from the Chicory root
  • Aloe Vera natural plant extract
  • Zinc Gluconate, a naturally-occurring mineral found in everyday foods

Add help: clear skin to your food, drink, meals or baking experiments! This means you can choose the kindest products to apply to your skin and then turn to other, healthier methods to beat acne.

Image via sunshinecity from Flickr CC.


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