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3 things that can spoil your skin over Christmas

December 23, 2014 by Works with Water
Christmas biscuits

It’s easy to let your hair down at Christmas, do away with good habits and eat and drink far too much. But the truth is that many of the things we get up to at Christmas can have a really adverse effect on your moods, our digestive systems and particularly the health of our skin.

We know that the last thing you want to be worrying about over Christmas is the state of your skin. Trust us, being just a little bit more mindful about what you eat and how you act over this festive fortnight will make you much happier and more blemish-free in January!

Here’s some of the things that can spoil your skin over Christmas and how to solve them.

OTT indoor heating

Older relatives love to crank the heating up over Christmas, but try and keep your home warm over Christmas and not hot.

Super high temperatures can make your skin look much more red and irritated, but they may also cause your skin glands to over-produce sebum, which can lead to blocked pores and blemishes too.

Keep temperatures normal and set the timer to switch it much lower on a night, when everyone’s tucked up in bed anyway!

Sweet treats and chocolate boxes

Sugar causes your insulin levels to spike, which can lead to angry red skin and inflammation. Sugar molecules also attach themselves to the collagen in your skin, which makes any skin problems you may have much worse. Bad news considering we all get such a sweet tooth around Christmas and grab mince pies, Christmas cake and boxes of chocolates at every opportunity!

Sugar can be addictive, so be controlled when it comes to sweet treats. It’s fine to have a little bit of what you fancy, but try your best not to over-indulge and grab a piece of fruit to fill you up and give you a hit of natural sweetness instead.

Drinking alcohol throughout the day

It’s easy to over-indulge on food over Christmas, but the alcohol is often flowing more freely than ever as well. Although it may be nice to have a few glasses of mulled wine when it’s cold outside, bear in mind that alcohol is your skin’s enemy. Even celebrity singer Rihanna says that alcohol makes her skin look old.

Too much alcohol can lead to dehydration, which leaves skin looking dry, red and a bit lifeless. It also depresses your immune system, but anyone who is prone to acne needs a top notch immune system in order to stop new blemishes forming.

Have a few drinks if you like, but avoid mindless drinking all day and all night and be sure to drink a glass of water between every alcoholic drink to ensure you stay hydrated.

If you don’t want to drink alcohol at all, swap it for a detoxifying fruit juice, like cranberry or grapefruit, or keep your skin in peak condition by mixing a daily skin supplement into any beverage of your choice for an ongoing clear skin detox.

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