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Christmas skin spotlight: Top tips for an acne-free December

November 24, 2015 by Works with Water
Top tips for an acne-free December

For many of us, ​December is one of the most exciting and fun times of the year, but it can also be the most stressful and unhealthy. Office parties, family gatherings, last-minute present buying, plus mince pies to tempt us at every corner, means it takes more effort than usual to ensure we feel in tip top condition – both inside and out.

For those with acne, one of the first places to show the negative signs of festive treats and Christmas stress is the skin on your face. Many experts actually believe that the state of your skin is an indication of what’s going on inside your body. So if you’re feeling more tired and stressed than usual or you’re not making the healthiest of choices, then it’s highly likely your skin will show outward signs — whether that means more acne than usual or just blotchiness, redness and inflammation.

For those living with acne problems Christmas is an even more stressful time of the year, because not only does a lot of festive activity trigger spots and redness, it’s really not welcome when you want to be enjoying yourself and feeling great. No one wants to be worrying about applying blemish cream on Christmas Day or caking on layers of make-up on New Year’s Eve.

We’ve collected together some of our tried-and-tested tips an acne-free December so you can focus less on creams, make-up and hiding you face and more on feeling confident with your skin.

1. Stay hydrated when you’re drinking and partying

Even those who don’t drink much throughout the rest of the year tend to get a little merrier in the run up to Christmas. We shared our favourite tips for alcohol and healthy skin last week, but our top suggestion is to always stay hydrated. Alcohol does a lot to our bodies, and one big negative is it dehydrates our cells, which is why you’ll often wake up the next morning with a killer headache and a red, irritated complexion.


To lessen the effects of your hangover the next day, and ensure your skin cells stay happy while you drink in moderation, then stay hydrated. We recommend one big glass of water for every alcoholic drink you consume. If you can keep that up all night, then well done! Most of the time we’d just recommend drinking water whenever you remember to and to make sure you have a large glass of H2O before bed. This will help your body to flush out the toxins from the alcohol, leaving your skin and mind refreshed the next day, which hugely reduces your changes of developing acne and blotchy redness.

2. Add a natural skin supplement to your busy pre-Christmas routine

Our natural skin supplements, help: clear skin and help: clear skin MEN are made from our patented PravENAC™ formula. Our soluble skin supplements contain lactoferrin, aloe vera and zinc gluconate, ingredients which are clinically-proven to reduce acne, skin inflammation and skin reddening. All of which tend to make a big appearance at this time of year.

help: clear skin & help: clear skin MEN packs

The great thing about our skin products is just how easy they are to consume. We know that everything is a bit manic at this time of the year, but it’s more important than ever to keep up your good habits. Both help: clear skin and help: clear skin MEN can be added to water if you’re in a rush, but they can also be stirred into your favourite soft drink, warming hot drink on a night, soup or even into Christmas baking! This means they can fit into your festive routine — no matter how busy you are.

The supplements work by cleansing your skin from the inside out, ensuring your body has everything it needs to combat all of the skin stresses we experience just before Christmas and over the partying period in the run up to New Year’s Eve.

3. Avoid too much make-up or new creams

We know how frustrating it is to deal with acne over Christmas, when you’re socialising and just want to look your best. It can be really tempting to reach for quick fix solutions, like piling on lots of make-up. Although this may work for one night, chances are it’ll leave your skin feeling weighed down and could even make acne worse by clogging up your pores and increasing the chances acne bacteria have to grow.

If you want to wear make-up to cover your acne, choose an oil-free product that’s medicated or specially created with acne sufferers in mind. This will provide you with coverage but hopefully lessen the effects of the acne over time.

Another common reaction to Christmas time acne is trying new products. Sure some might work well, but we’ve seen people buy harsh creams and opt for treatments that actually make their skin worse. Your skin tends to need a bit of time to latch on to a new routine, so although it can be tempting to buy a cream that promises to get rid of spots, the  chances are it’ll be using some really harsh chemicals to zap your blemishes. Over time this can lead to scarring and irritation and you’ll still have spots and blemishes.

4. Eat well and look after your mind

It’s easy to get stressed out over Christmas. Whether you’re panicking about presents or feeling frustrated with family. Often these stresses start to take their toll on our appearance over time, which means those weeks of worry could really start to show in the form of redness and acne by the time Christmas comes around.


It’s all good and well to tell people to stay calmer, but we’ve found the biggest difference comes from adopting a healthy mindset when it comes to diet and the way you treat your body and your mind. We recommend eating foods that are good for you rather than reaching for fatty and sugary treats that can have a huge effect on you mood. We also know that treating yourself to a bit of ‘you time’ is really important — whether that means taking a long relaxing bath or taking a whole afternoon off to unwind.

Not only will eating well and giving yourself the space to unwind benefit your mind and keep you calmer, it’ll also ensure your immune system is in tip top condition. We all know that as Christmas approaches the dropping temperatures and cold germs circulating around mean there’s a higher than usual chance you’ll pick up a bug just in time for the big day. Keeping up good routines, eating well, taking some time out and drinking plenty of water are all key steps to take to ensure you’re feeling healthy and less likely to pick up nasty germs next time you’re out and about.

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