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Christmas skin spotlight: How alcohol impacts on acne and ageing skin

November 17, 2015 by Works with Water
Alcohol Awareness Week

As it is Alcohol Awareness Week, and Christmas is fast approaching, now seems a good time to take a look at the affect alcohol and partying can have on your skin — and some of the best ways to help your tired and inflamed skin recover!

It is a topic we have covered in the past, but we all know that as the festive season gets close it’s all too easy to throw caution to the wind and indulge in a few more drinks than we know we should — whether we are at our work Christmas party or a family gathering.

Drinkaware explains that alcohol can be particularly damaging to your skin because it dehydrates your skin cells. This means they are not functioning properly, so are unable to repair any damages, fight off any bacteria or calm inflammation. It is also believed to stop essential vitamins and nutrients from reaching the skin — meaning your skin cannot do much to repair itself.

Instead those who drink regularly may find their skin is often inflamed and red, wrinkles are more pronounced and spots pop up more frequently because your skin is malnourished from the inside —  and a night cream really won’t help, unfortunately!

Drinking lots of alcohol also affects your overall health. The same dehydration that stops skin cells functioning properly can lead to headaches and hangovers and alcohol has been directly linked to heart problems and liver complications – all of which can also leave skin looking sallow and dull-looking.

So what is the answer? Well, it is the usual saying: everything in moderation! We would never tell you to give up alcohol altogether, but just remember some good old ways to keep your mind, body and soul healthy while you enjoy a festive tipple.

​Top tips to have fun but maintain healthy skin

​1. Drink mindfully ​savour every sip, note every taste. When you add this level of awareness to your drinking you may find you actually enjoy your drink more and order less throughout the night rather than knocking it back in seconds and moving onto another.

2. Follow every drink with a glass of water it is a tried-and-tested method, but it is passed down from generation to generation because it works wonders. Alcohol dehydrates your body and your skin cells, so by replenishing lost moisture straight away you are reducing the risk of skin inflammation and that nasty headache in the morning.

3. Opt for alcohol-free nightsand try to only drink when it is a weekend – or begin on a Friday. Adopting this approach will mean you are less likely to be persuaded to go for a few after work drinks and it also means you will avoid the dreaded mid-week hangover.

4. Eat, eat, eat before and after you have been drinking. But try not to choose fatty or salty snacks, instead pick healthy and nutritious foods that will line your stomach and deliver much-needed vitamins and minerals to your body.

5. Skip the alcohol if you think the rounds are moving a little too fast, just order a tonic instead of a gin and tonic. Or a soda water with lime and skip the vodka. This way you are still staying hydrated and keeping up with everyone else but skipping the alcohol until the next round so you can go at your own pace – and no-one needs to know so you avoid peer pressure!

6. Take a supplement for your skin like our help: beautify skin a youthful skin supplement jelly that contains PravENAGE™, our proprietary formula of CoEnzymeQ10, Hydrolysed marine collagen, Resveratrol, Aloe Vera and Vitamin C. All of the ingredients combined help maintain a normal, healthy complexion and deliver tangible, anti-ageing skin benefits when your skin is inflamed, irritated and stressed-out from too much partying. Pop a sachet into your handbag and this ready-to-eat jelly is a delicious and handy skin during an evening out.  If you suffer from acne and find that it is exacerbated by alcohol, begin taking help: clear skin which is formulated with our patented PravENAC™.  This soluble skin supplement contains lactoferrin, aloe vera and zinc gluconate, ingredients clinically proven to reduce acne, skin inflammation and skin reddening.

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