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Christmas skin spotlight: Give your man the gift of great skin

December 17, 2015 by Works with Water
help: clear skin MEN all wrapped up

Before you spend a fortune on new skincare treatments for your other half this Christmas, have a read through our suggestions that take into consideration some of the differences between male and female skin.

Spot the difference between male and female skin

We all know that the skin on a man’s face can be quite different from that of a woman’s.

Men tend to have slightly larger pores, their skin is made up of more collagen and elastin – so rather unfairly tends to age better than women’s skin – and and has a denser supply of blood vessels. These factors do however mean that a man’s face can attract dirt that can clog pores and mean they are more prone to acne. Add the fact that most men shave regularly and they have a number of skin considerations that are subtly different to those a woman needs to deal with.

A fuss-free skincare approach

Many men are concerned about their skin and the tendency towards ageing and acne, but on the whole women are much more conscientious when it comes to introducing a tried-and-tested skincare routine. Whereas men tend to look for a more fuss-free skincare approach that’s easy to implement and doesn’t require hours in the bathroom primping and preening!

Men are often guilty of merely jumping in the shower and just reaching for soap and shampoo, so the answer to boost their skincare is to introduce a routine that’s super easy. A good cleanser and an oil-free moisturiser are probably two easy ‘go-to’ products. If you’re thinking of filling his Christmas stocking with some skincare goodies, then pick ones that are formulated with  natural ingredients, which will be kinder to his skin, particularly if he suffers from acne, spots and skin reddening such as roasacea.

Investing in a natural acne treatment 

Whilst men tend to have smaller oil glands, their skin is generally more oily than female skin because they have more of the male hormone testosterone. Testosterone is responsible for their skin generating a higher amount of oil secretions. In contrast, the female hormone oestrogen means a woman’s skin tends to secrete less oil — even though many of us know that often isn’t always the case, particularly just before and during menstruation.

Because a man’s skin produces more sebum, there’s more chance that men will suffer from acne at some point during their lifetime. Unfairly men tend to have less options to ‘cover up’ acne.  They can’t easily reach for concealer or make-up and they don’t tend to share beauty or skincare tips with their male friends!

help: clear skin MEN is a soluble powder skincare supplement formulated with bioactive protein lactoferrin, aloe vera, zinc gluconate and oligofructose, which is a soluble fibre.  These 100 per cent natural ingredients are proven to treat  acne, and the bacteria that causes it. No fuss, no mess, it’s easy to incorporate into his daily routine by simply adding a sachet daily into his favourite beverage. Within as little as 6 weeks of daily consumption, he should see a reduction in acne, spots, pore size and skin reddening…whether he suffers from spots on his face, neck, shoulders or back – yes, back-acne is a common male problem and it can be very painful.

A male skincare revolution

It’s never been more acceptable for men to take proper care of their skin. With advances in natural skincare formulas with proven science that they can trust and  solutions that fit easily into their daily routine, they no longer need to be embarrassed about following their very own skincare regime.  And if your man is somewhat resistant, remind him that ‘great skin is kissable skin’…and that should convert him!

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