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Christmas skin spotlight: 5 Ways to flawless skin for a festive night out

December 1, 2015 by Works with Water
Christmas skin care

Many of us agonise over what we’re going to wear to that special event, Christmas office party or festive drinks gathering. But naturally-nourished skin is THE perfect accessory to that Little Black Dress or sparkly number and we’ve got some top tips to help you quickly achieve a flawless complexion — even at this crazy time of year.

1. Just add water…and bloom!

We’re always talking about the benefits that staying hydrated has on your skin.  But the truth is it’s especially important to ensure you’re drinking enough water at this time of year because it’s colder, your immune system needs as much help as it can get and it’s likely that you’re drinking more alcohol than usual  — so you need to ensure your complexion has everything it needs to stay hydrated and healthy.

There’s a lot of debate about exactly how much water you should drink each day, but most agree (including the NHS) that even at this time of year we should all still be aiming for around eight glasses and it won’t hurt to have more if you’re also hitting the mulled wine.

Make sure you keep up your good water-drinking habits throughout the night, when you get in and the next morning too. Many of our customers think they drink lots of water, but when we ask them to keep a diary, they record that they religiously drink water throughout the day and then forget during an evening out – so keep up regular consumption throughout the evening as your skin will definitely show the benefits.

2. Nourish your skin… from the inside out

help: beautify skin supplement has been specially-formulated for those who are worried about fine lines and the tell-tale signs of ageing  PravENAGE™ is our proprietary formula that contains CoEnzymeQ10, Hydrolysed marine collagen, Resveratrol, Aloe Vera and Vitamin C to help you to maintain a healthier complexion while delivering tangible, anti-ageing skin benefits. The great thing about this ready-to-eat jelly supplement is it takes days rather than weeks to see the skin-plumping and rejuvenating effects and it can be popped into your evening bag so you can have a quick skin pick-me-up wherever you are.

For an acne-fighting boost while also topping up on water, we recommend you try our help: clear skin and help: clear skin MEN natural water-soluble supplements. All you have to do is mix a sachet daily with water and our skin nourishing formula PravENAC™ will  help to reduce the growth of acne-causing bacteria from the inside and provide your skin with the nourishment it needs to keep it looking spot-free this festive season.

3. Rest and relax…get enough zzz’s

Most people think a good night’s sleep is beneficial because it has a positive impact on their mood and productivity levels. But not getting enough zzz’s can have a huge impact on  the effectiveness of your immune system and your complexion.

Most people find that getting eight hours of sleep a night can make a big difference to the way their skin looks and feels, meaning they’ll wake up with a plumper and brighter complexion. On the other hand, those who have sleep issues often report tired, grey and saggy-looking skin. If you know you’ve got a big event to go to, give your skin the rest it needs and plan an early night the day before.

4. Stretch those facial muscles

Many of us don’t realise that we hold a lot of stress and tension in our faces — particularly our forehead and jaw. This can lead to headaches, deepen wrinkles and stop the blood flowing properly to certain parts of your face.

There are a number of different methods you can try to relieve facial tension, including mindfulness meditation, which allows you to scan through your body and melt away any stress. Or simple facial exercises, which force your muscles to try something new. This will increase blood flow, ensure your complexion looks its best and hopefully leave you feeling a little more relaxed before you paint the town red. We love these yoga-inspired facial tricks from Marie Claire.

5. Use concealer sparingly… brighten and illuminate

Most people reach for their concealer to, well, conceal! Hardly surprising, right? But many makeup experts swear by using concealer to illuminate parts the face and draw attention to certain areas in order to actually detract from others. So rather than covering spots on your chin and increasing the chance of acne-spreading bacteria on your face, highlight your cheekbones instead.

The key is to experiment and learn what suits your face best, so when you have a big party to go to you don’t spend hours beforehand covering up your face, but just a few minutes showing off your best bits.

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