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Chemicals in beauty products could make you gain weight

July 11, 2011 by Works with Water

As if it isn’t hard enough to maintain a healthy weight by making sure we eat healthily and exercise regularly, it has now been reported that chemicals in beauty products could also  contribute to weight gain.

The Daily Mail reports that so-called ‘chemical calories’ could be lurking in everyday beauty products such as shampoo, body lotions and soap. This follows claims from doctors at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, who say that phthalates – chemical ingredients in 70 per cent of cosmetics as well as many household cleaning products – have been shown to throw the body’s natural weight control system, a delicate balance of hormones, off kilter. They suggest that exposure to phthalates through daily use may be linked to childhood obesity and weight problems in adults, says the Daily Mail.

Here at Works with Water Nutraceuticals we have always been proud of the fact that all of our health and beauty supplements contain 100% natural ingredients.

We believe that nature provides the best ingredients to help clear your skin of blemishes and give you a smooth, glowing complexion, and so help: clear skin supplements contain only high grade natural ingredients that have been scientifically proven to have a beneficial effect on the skin.

Ingredients in help: clear skin:

  • Praventin is the key ingredient in help: clear skin. Praventin is a clinically proven bioactive protein that has been proven to help achieve a clearer complexion by enhancing the body’s natural defences. It limits the growth of acne bacteria, reduces the blemishes associated with acne and assists in the repair of damaged skin cells caused by blemishes.
    Praventin is rich in Lactoferrin, known to reduce the development of bacteria responsible for many skin impurities. It also helps to prevent blemishes and spots forming due to its antimicrobial effect.
  • High extract Aloe Vera: help: clear skin contains a high extract of this healing plant, to smooth and nourish the skin.
  • Oligofructose: A natural source of soluble fibre, Oligofructose aids digestion and helps the body get rid of toxins that can contribute to bad skin.

By simply taking 2 sachets of help: clear skin mixed into a drink each day, you could see a difference in your skin in as little as 4-6 weeks. To find out more or to buy help: clear skin, visit

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