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Can We Learn From Beauty and Skincare Trends of the Past?

June 22, 2016 by Works with Water
Beauty and skincare ideals are always changing. We believe the solution is to pick-and-choose skincare and beauty tips, habits and regimes from the past

There’s been a lot of buzz in the media over the years about how our beauty and skincare ideals are always changing.

For example, a recent trending post from the Mail Online asked some interesting questions about whether a focus on fitness is changing our modern day perception of what the ‘perfect body’ really looks like. So, can we learn today from beauty and skincare trends from the past?

Because looking back over the past century or so, our notion of what looks beautiful has gone from hourglass figures in the 1800s with paler skin and lots of make-up to boyish figures in the 1920s, heroine ‘chic’ in the 1990’s all the way through to today’s taut, yoga-loving figures and a tanned, fresh-faced approach to beauty.

Or at least it has if the media and celebrities of the time are to be believed!


So where does this leave us when it comes to defining our skincare and beauty ideals right now?


We believe the solution is to pick-and-choose skincare and beauty tips, habits and regimes from the past. Then, we can reject anything that doesn’t work for us and look towards the future in terms of scientific innovations in proven natural ingredients. Most importantly, it’s good to experiment, have some fun and figure out what works for you!


A simple approach to skincare


In terms of skincare, there’s probably plenty we can learn from our grandmothers…and our great, great grandmothers.

Grandma probably had a very basic approach to skincare and, in some ways, harder physical lives. They probably didn’t have shelves full of different products and expensive topical creams. But they often still had beautifully smooth, spot-free skin. Was it because they ate less processed foods, got more sleep and more fresh air?  Gets you thinking, doesn’t it?

And how do women of a certain age look now? Well, Grandmother’s of today are a lot more youthful than they once were. The modern-day grandma doesn’t always have grey hair in a bun (although if she does, that’s great!). She’s modern and youthful. In many ways, you could say that yesterday’s 60-year-old is today’s 90-year-old in the looks and habits stakes.

So perhaps making lifestyle changes and relying on a handful of simple products is a great learning for the modern day, too. We don’t need to get carried away with laborious skincare routines or topical creams that promise the world, cost a fortune and don’t deliver.


A natural approach to skincare (fuelled by science)


At Works With Water we know the importance of stripping back skincare to basics. We believe that a simple, natural approach fuelled by science is the secret solution to improving your skin.

We combine using natural ingredients with proven skincare science with innovation in how these ingredients are incorporated into a formula that can easily be eaten or drunk. Since the beginning of time, our ancestors looked to things they found in the natural world to improve their health. We take this idea and incorporate it with today’s innovations in skincare.

That’s why our products are made from 100 per cent natural ingredients such as proteins from milk, resveratrol from grapes, hydrolysed marine collagen from fish scales and aloe vera from, you guessed it, the aloe vera plant!

Taking this ‘nature + science’ approach to skincare can make real, long-lasting change for those struggling with skin problems. From our natural soluble supplement help: clear skin, which contains PravENAC™ a patented formula of natural ingredients scientifically proven to reduce the development of the bacteria responsible for acne to help: beautify skin, a jelly-based anti-ageing supplement with PravenAGE™, a blend of natural ingredients specifically chosen for their antioxidant and skin rejuvenating properties to help firm sagging skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines, particularly the delicate eye-area.

Many people often comment on our unique approach to skincare and ask how we formulate our nutritional skincare products. The is a fascinating topic, because ingestible skincare may seem new to the western world. It’s actually been practised in Asian countries for centuries!


Want to know a bit more?  Click this link to find out more about the ingestible skincare trend


More than anything else, we think the answer to looking and feeling good about your skin is to not take social media pressure or traditional media pressure too seriously. Find out what works for you and your skin.



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