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Can hiding your mirrors make a difference to problem skin?

February 18, 2015 by Works with Water

You’ve probably seen the TV advert where three women trial an anti-ageing cream for several weeks,  but with a twist… all the mirrors in the testers’ house were covered so that they couldn’t look at themselves during the trial period. The question is, could you do it?

Mirror, mirror, on the wall…I can be the fairest of them all.

Mirrors are often associated with vanity. However, for anyone suffering from problem skin, with conditions such as acne, spots and blemishes, mirrors can be a huge source of insecurity. Every time you glance at your own reflection, it is a reminder that your skin isn’t perfect and flawless. And the more you look, the more you want to touch those spots and hide blemishes with make-up, which is only going to aggravate the problem.  And round we go with causing problems for our skin.

Can hiding your mirrors make a difference to your complexion? It seems that it can!. Several beauty vloggers mention in their videos they saw a significant improvement in their skin when they made the conscious decision not to look too often in the mirror during the day, whilst keeping the rest of their natural skincare routine exactly the same. It seems less is more when it comes to glancing at your own reflection!

It’s never easy to break habits, but maybe there is something to be said about not giving your skin too much attention during the day so that you don’t touch it and it doesn’t become your sole focus…

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