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Can acne ruin your job interview?

December 2, 2011 by Works with Water

Researchers from Rice University and the University of Houston have found that acne sufferers are less likely to be successful in job interviews.

Even veteran interviewers appeared to be distracted by uncommon facial characteristics such as facial scars, birth marks or acne. As a result, they remembered less relevant information about the candidate and his or her qualifications, making it less likely that candidate would win a favorable evaluation.

Juan Madera of the University of Houston explains:
“When looking at another person during a conversation, your attention is naturally directed in a triangular pattern around the eyes and mouth… We tracked the amount of attention outside of this region and found that the more the interviewers attended to stigmatised features on the face, the less they remembered about the candidate’s interview content, and the less memory they had about the content led to decreases in ratings of the applicant.”

This research raises the question of this type of discrimination also happens on a regular basis in the UK. What is your experience? Have you ever had the feeling you didn’t get the job because of your skin condition?

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