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Calling all Rosacea Sufferers – can we help?

December 18, 2012 by Works with Water

help: clear skin helps with some symptoms of rosacea such as spots and papules due to the antibacterial benefits of lactoferrin from milk protein and the aloe vera appears to help with the persistent skin redness due to its soothing benefits.

As Jenny discovered, as with some acne sufferers, rosacea seems to be exacerbated by stress and its frustrating that attempts to address rosacea with topical skin treatments and ‘beauty’ products only seems to aggravate the condition.

Jenny has found her ‘triggers’ and has found a way to manage her rosacea, so hopefully her advice will be helpful to other sufferers.  if you feel that you would like to try help: clear skin to see if if can help alleviate rosacea, do please get in touch via

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