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Cake…and help: clear skin. The ultimate in skin indulgence?

October 7, 2013 by Works with Water
Cake...and help: clear skin


We love the inventiveness of our help: clear skin aficionados!  Jackie from Cumbria has emailed us with a pic of her homemade Gingerbread…made with our help: clear skin formulation!


“I’m really into making my own cakes and biscuits and I’m an avid fan of The Great British Bake-Off!

“I’ve been taking help: clear skin every day for the past few months, adding it to water, juice and tea as well as yogurt and soup and it’s done wonders for my skin after years of trying just about every product on the market to get rid of my acne.  Then I thought, why not try adding it to my favourite food of all time….cake?!

“It was really easy to add to the dry mix and I think it might even have made the texture feel a little lighter. I’m going to experiment now with adding it to different cakes, biscuits and bread – yes, I also make my own bread!

“If you want the recipes and you decide to launch them as products, I hope you’ll give me credit and royalties!!”

Thanks Jackie – we’re heading for the kitchen and getting out the baking tins!  We’d love to hear from anyone else who’s discovered an innovative way to include help: clear skin in their favourite foods!!

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