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What is Blue Monday?

January 21, 2019 by Samantha Smith
Blue Monday

Blue Monday is apparently the most depressing Monday of January which this year will be January 21st 2019. So if you feel less than happy today, there is a reason.

The festivities of Christmas and New Year’s seem like a distant memory, people are returning to work, the weather is cold, dull and gloomy and then there is the realisation of just how much money was spent over Christmas and how long it is until payday finally arrives. All of these factors accumulate with us to produce ‘Blue Monday’.

Talk During Blue Monday

Unless you spent the Christmas season under a rock, this depressing feeling is most likely unavoidable, but talking to colleagues, family and friends about how you are feeling that day is highly recommended. And what’s great is that most conversations will have the same context so there’s is no need to feel uncomfortable about talking to others. It is important to remember to talk to others about how we are feeling whenever we need to.


Stress, anxiety and depression can affect anyone and can be a major issue if you suffer from acne. Increased levels of stress increase cortisol levels in the body which can lead to breakouts, so minimising stress is a great way to help support skin’s health. Again, talking through issues and concerns you have is one of the best ways to help reduce mental stress.

Take Time for yourself

Often considered a somewhat selfish act and therefore overlooked is taking time out for oneself. Yes, Meditating to reduce stresswe all have other things we could be doing, but in order to function better in our everyday lives we should remember to take time out for ourselves. Read a book, go for a long walk, a spa day, yoga, meditation – whatever it is, take that time and use it to forget about your stresses and just relax. This process can even help you to see clearer when you revisit certain stressors in your life and enable you to deal with them more effectively. This can also essentially help de-stress you.


Though this may not be possible on the third Monday of January during working hours, don’t despair! Once you arrive home, try to find time to just ‘be’, relax and de-stress. And don’t forget to talk to your loved ones about how you have been feeling. Opening up to someone alongside time to yourself could result in an extremely different Blue Monday experience compared to previous years.

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