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Blogger Spotlight – beauty & skincare advice

July 6, 2011 by Works with Water

In our weekly Blogger Spotlight Series, we interview beauty bloggers to find out more about their blogs and ask them to reveal their top beauty, skincare and confidence tips. Let us know what you think!

Get Gawjus!

Name:  Shifa
Age:  23
Location: London
Blog name:  Get Gawjus!
Blog URL:

When did you start writing a beauty blog?
I started writing Get Gawjus! Since the December of 2008 whilst I was reading for my university exams. It was my only contact with the outside world then!

What prompted you to start a blog?
I felt I had a voice that needed to be communicated in the blogosphere. I had an opinion regarding every beauty product I came across and sometimes I even practised making YouTube videos in front of the mirror in my room! A YouTube channel did not work out but I feel that words definitely speak more than actions hence the blog.

What can readers expect from your blog?
A genuine, straightforward (cocky or sarcastic at times!) opinion from a 23 year old student is what readers can expect from Get Gawjus!. It’s basically my online diary of experiences with make-up, skin care, hair, health, shopping and all other girly issues one can think of. I basically act as the guinea pig, saving other beauty fanatics from bad buys or mostly urging them to grab ‘that’ bargain.

What one beauty item would you choose to take to a desert island?
I think I would take a concealer with me, as it would double up as a foundation. I would need to fake a good night’s sleep at an island wouldn’t I, hence what better than a flawless face devoid  of those evil dark circles and eye bags.

What’s your favourite beauty trend?
A Pin-Up look consisting of a hot pink lip with a thick winged out eye liner and lightly flushed cheeks never go out of trend in my opinion.

What’s your top tip for caring for skin to treat spots and blemishes?
Nothing works better than a religious Cleanse-Tone-Moisturize regime.  Don’t skip it, just like you don’t skip food and sleep. Indulge in a hot-cloth cleansing ritual at night as it works wonders for the skin.

You must come across a lot of beauty products – what do you think about help: clear skin supplements for clearing skin from within?
I think it is an easy, simple, convenient and a fuss-free way to achieve clear skin. I like how I do not need to overload my skin with products with this and how it just works from within the body.  Just within a few days of use, not only did it get rid of blemishes and occurring spots but it also gave me overall brighter, healthier looking skin.

What is your top confidence boosting tip?
Just be yourself and don’t let your outer beauty hold back the inner gem in you.

What are your top tips for enhancing natural beauty?
A ‘no-makeup’ make-up look is my favourite way to enhance one’s natural Beauty. Just play with the natural colouring on your face only by enhancing and sharpening them a little. ~

Remember that achieving a clearer, healthier and blemish-free complexion doesn’t happen overnight.  However, taking help: clear skin twice daily for a minimum of 4-6 weeks really can deliver results.  So if you are determined to clear your spots and blemishes, add help: clear skin to your daily skin routine.

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