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Blogger Spotlight – Yummy Mummy’s Beauty Blog

July 22, 2011 by Works with Water


In our weekly Blogger Spotlight Series, we interview beauty bloggers to find out more about their blogs and ask them to reveal their top beauty, skincare and confidence tips. Let us know what you think!

Yummy Mummy’s Beauty Blog

Name: Holly
Age: 25
Location: Midlands
Blog name: The Yummy Mummy’s Beauty Blog/ YM Beauty Blog
Blog URL:

When did you start writing a beauty blog?
Almost three years ago!! Can’t believe it was that long ago but it was…time flies.

What prompted you to start a blog?
I had too! I was given a University assignment in my web writing module to create one; at the time I had never heard of blogging or what a blog actually was. I had always been cosmetics-obsessed so decided to write about beauty by giving reviews of products I was buying and trying!

What can readers expect from your blog?
Mainly, in depth and honest reviews from a real life cosmetic junkie and consumer. I like to try everything and anything so expect products from a variety of brands and different price points. On occasion I also throw in a little fashion, a bit of life and the odd contest or two.

What one beauty item would you choose to take to a desert island?
Lipstick! Even if you have no make-up on, a little bit of lipstick always makes you feel better and look a little more groomed.  I’d take one that’s a lip balm, lip colour and lip gloss all in one though, is that cheating??

What’s your favourite beauty trend?

Bold brows, nothing looks more gorgeous then someone who takes care of their eyebrows.  I think the bigger the better as far as brows are concerned, natural but tidy, no monobrows!

What’s your top tip for caring for your skin to treat spots and blemishes?
Know your skin type and buy products accordingly. You don’t have to spend a lot to get great skin but it is about knowing your skin and what will work best for it. Oh and of course if you wear make-up always remove it at night, I never used to bother but now I do it’s in much better condition.

You must come across a lot of beauty products – what do you think about help: clear skin supplements for clearing skin from within?
I’m a firm believe in we are what we eat so if you take in something that is good for you with good cleansing ingredients then it’s going to help but nothings instant and you have to be patient with supplements so it’s not a quick fix.

What is your top confidence boosting tip for people suffering from spots or acne?
Everyone has confidence issues or worries about some part of themselves but not enough people focus on what they do like about their body. Through experience I find really thinking about what you do like and enhancing those parts really helps to overcome the negative issues you have with your body! So in short, think positive!

What are your top tips for enhancing natural beauty?
I’m all about natural beauty and embracing it but there is nothing wrong with also giving nature a helping hand too. You don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful just try to maintain your brows and nails, look after your teeth (a sonic toothbrush is essential) and exfoliate your skin weekly for glowing, healthy looking skin.

It’s doing little things like this that make you feel better and look better. ~

Remember that achieving a clearer, healthier and blemish-free complexion doesn’t happen overnight.  However, taking help: clear skin twice daily for a minimum of 4-6 weeks really can deliver results.  So if you are determined to clear your spots and blemishes, add help: clear skin to your daily skin routine.

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