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Blogger Spotlight – beauty & skincare advice

July 14, 2011 by Works with Water

In our weekly Blogger Spotlight Series, we interview beauty bloggers to find out more about their blogs and ask them to reveal their top beauty, skincare and confidence tips. Let us know what you think!

Cosmetic Candy

Name:  Rowena Fan
Age:  20 something!
Location: Manchester
Blog name:  Cosmetic Candy
Blog URL:

When did you start writing a beauty blog?
In October 2008.

What prompted you to start a blog?
I was bored and decided to write about something that I really enjoyed – so that was make up!

What can readers expect from your blog?
Tons of reviews, fun features and just general chit-chat.  I don’t keep extremely strict rules about what I will and won’t write about, although I always try to keep it light hearted, honest with loads of clear photos.

What one beauty item would you choose to take to a desert island?
If it was skincare, I would take a moisturiser as my skin is so dry! If it was hair care I’d take something I can put in it and leave on to control the frizz and if it was make up, I would want a clear complexion so something like concealer. Come to think of it, a tinted moisturiser with SPF would be perfect!

What’s your favourite beauty trend?
I’m not sure if it’s trendy but I am a sucker for strong eyes and a nude lip, especially where the lips are creamy and opaque and the eyes have lots of gel eyeliner and a hint of green.

What’s your top tip for caring for skin to treat spots and blemishes?
For me, looking after your skin means being gentle and using as little as possible. When my skin is behaving badly, I drink lots of water and green tea – it really helps – then use the absolute minimal amount of make up.

For a base when my skin is playing up I will use a product like a BB cream which is like a 2 in 1 skincare and foundation product – it also contains SPF. That way I can reduce the total amount of products I put on my face and give it a chance to heal.

You must come across a lot of beauty products – what do you think about help: clear skin supplements for clearing skin from within?
I think if they work, then it’s a great idea. Quite often getting acne or just generally having poor skin is not just an external thing. I find my skin looks at its worst when I am stressed, not sleeping, eating badly and not drinking any liquids. When everything is more balanced my skin looks a lot better so I think treating yourself inside and out contributes to great looking skin.

What is your top confidence boosting tip for people suffering from spots or acne?
Definitely to go and spend time with fun people who are positive and make you feel happy – whoever that is, family, friends or boyfriend – just go out and enjoy yourself.

I’d also say getting a pamper, like a new hair cut, or trying something new make up wise (like a new colour lipgloss) always perks you up! And if in doubt, always wear yellow!

What are your top tips for enhancing natural beauty?
Moisturise your skin, drink lots of water and get a bit of fresh air and sunlight (using SPF of course!).

Use a natural base and don’t pile on the foundation – try BB creams or mineral make up if you have bad skin, and emphasize something – thick lips with shimmery lip gloss or pretty eyes with eyeliner. Everyone always talks about that natural glow from blush or bronzer – that’s a great idea but if you feel good on the inside you usually get the glow anyway 😉 ~

Remember that achieving a clearer, healthier and blemish-free complexion doesn’t happen overnight.  However, taking help: clear skin twice daily for a minimum of 4-6 weeks really can deliver results.  So if you are determined to clear your spots and blemishes, add help: clear skin to your daily skin routine.

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