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Best Foods to Eat During Autumn for Clearer Skin

September 10, 2018 by Samantha Smith

Fruits and vegetables contain a vast amount of nutrients to help the body stay strong and nourish skin. This is especially true of green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, cucumber and broccoli. All are a great addition to your daily diet as they contain vitamins A, B, C, E, and much more, all doing their part for nourishing, clearer skin.

Nourishing Foods for Skin


‘Tis the Halloween season so pumpkins are in abundance. These vegetables are packed full of antioxidants which work to help moisturise skin whether eaten or applied in a home-made face mask.


Cranberries are not just for helping keep the urinary tract functioning properly. They contain phytochemicals that act as an anti-inflammatory. Irritated, sensitive, inflamed skin could reap the benefits of cranberries whether it is applied topically in a home-made face mask or regularly eaten.

Sweet Potatoes

These highly nutritious sweet-tasting potatoes are also packed full of antioxidants, effective in fighting against free-radicals (which can probably be attributed to their vitamins A & C content) as both work to help improve skin health and healing especially with acne prone skin. Sweet potatoes also have a low glycaemic index which is great news as they help maintain blood sugar levels. A spike in blood sugar can result in inflammation within the body which can lead to acne breakouts. As with all these fresh fruits and vegetables, these potatoes can also be used in a homemade face mask if you choose not to eat them (but we suggest you eat them as they taste so great).

Supplements for Clearer Skin

clearer skinSpeaking of natural remedies for clearer skin, help: clear skin is another ‘all-natural’ remedy (although be it not a fresh fruit or vegetable) that can help reduce the likelihood of breakouts. Not just for autumn but for use all year through. The help: clear skin products contain natural anti-bacterial Lactoferrin, Aloe Vera and Zinc Gluconate making it a clinically proven spot & acne treatment.

Foods for Clearer Skin

It is clear that foods can help support clearer skin. They reduce inflammation in the body and increase antioxidant levels, which helps skin fight against breakouts, maintains skin moisture levels and improves skin’s overall health. To gain the greatest amount of nutrients, fresh fruits and vegetables will always be the best way. Eat clean for clearer skin.


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