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Ever wondered if Ready-To-Drink Beauty Beverages really work? Then why not make your very own with help: clear skin?

January 23, 2013 by Works with Water
Acne Free Skin

There are definitely natural ingredients and nutrients that can improve skin health, but the jury is out on how effective a ready-to-drink ‘beauty beverage’ can be at shuttling this nutrition straight to your skin.

To make a beauty drink ‘drinkable’, as part of the production process, the majority of manufacturers need to add preservatives, emulsifiers, and sweeteners, many of which are not palatable or preferable in a beverage when what you are looking for is purity, refreshment and enjoyment…as well as a natural skin benefit.

That’s why we formulated help: clear skin (and help: clear skin for men).  Both formulations are absolutely pure in terms of the ingredients they contain and deliver:

  • Milk Protein
  • Aloe Vera
  • Oligofructose – you may not have heard of this but it’s a soluble fibre derived from the chicory root

ABSOLUTELY NO preservatives, sweeteners, emulsifiers or any ingredients required to aid the production process.

This allows you to create your very own ‘Beauty Beverage’ by adding each help: clear skin sachet to your very favourite beverage, every day.  Try it in tap or bottled water, flavoured water, juice, cordial, milk, tea, coffee, yogurt.  Add it to your cereal milk or soup.  In fact, so long as you add help: clear skin to at least 250ml of any liquid, you’ve created your very own beauty food or drink.

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