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Beat winter acne by knowing the causes

February 4, 2014 by Works with Water
Winter Acne

Is all this cold weather wreaking havoc with your skin? Don’t worry you are not alone, almost everyone will experience winter-related skin blips over the cold period, in part thanks to the constant temperature extremes.

Worse still, winter skin is more prone to inflammation and conditions like eczema. Take a look at some of the culprits for winter acne below and find out how help: revitalise my skin could be just the treat your skin deserves to keep it glowing all winter long.

1. Central heating can really dry the skin. “Cold air outside and heated air inside causes low humidity, which leads to water evaporating from our skin,” explains Dr Sam Bunting, cosmetic dermatologist. “This can cause cracking, flaking and irritation and leave skin with a lacklustre, parched appearance.” Use a humidifier in the home or leave bowls of water near radiators and use hydrating masks to replace lost moisture to your skin.

2.Yo-yoing between hot indoor and cold outdoor environments aggravates existing skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis, which affect more than one in ten of us. Try to make sure you wear natural materials such as cotton close to your skin, to minimise irritation.

3. Although it’s tempting to sink into a hot, bubbly bath when the temperature drops outside, it can actually dry your skin out even more. Try to stick to warm showers or shorter soaks in the bath, and choose body wash with natural ingredients to sooth and repair your skin.

4. It’s easy to forget, after you’ve wrapped up with eight layers, that the delicate skin on your face is still exposed. Make sure it’s protected against wind chill by using a really good moisturiser each morning, and give yourself an extra moisture boost with a night cream after cleansing in the evening.

5. Misusing moisturiser. Using a moisturiser is a great way to keep dryness away; and using them properly is just as important. Instead of applying lotion on dry skin, when it’s least likely to help, apply the moisturiser when your skin is damp immediately following a shower or hand washing. The role of a lotion is to trap in existing moisture, so gently towel off and apply a generous amount. Let your skin absorb the moisturiser.

6. Coffee and Alcohol. It is nice to come in from the cold to a lovely cup of coffee or perhaps a little nip of brandy to help warm the cockles – but beware, both coffee and alcohol have a dehydrating effect on the body, lowering the skins natural ability to retain moisture.

7.  A diet of junk food is not going to give your skin the essential nutrients it needs to stay healthy.  Eating good fatty acids will go a long way toward soothing dry winter-skin. You can accomplish this by including omega-3-rich foods in your diet such as walnuts, salmon, flaxseed, and avocados.

8. Soap is among the worst culprits for drying out your skin! Choose a pure soap, free of artificial fragrance or antibacterial properties. Both are unnecessary and work against your desire for healthy skin. Now use it only where needed, when needed.

Tip-top skin throughout the year
Most skincare routines are mostly focused on topical solutions but the major benefit of supplementing your skin is that they get absorbed into your bloodstream where they deliver the nutrients that are necessary for healthy skin. help: revitalise my skin gel supplement has been formulated to help you achieve a glowing healthy complexion from the inside out.

This delicious apple flavoured supplement keeps your skin in tip-top condition with skin boosting ingredients CoEnzymeQ10,a proven antioxidant & anti‐ageing agent, and Aloe Vera, which aids skin regeneration – perfect to combat winter skin and stop the drying out effect. The handy gel sticks fit in any size handbag and fit perfectly with today’s busy lives.

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