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Is Your Bad Skin Causing You To Have A Bad Relationship With Yourself?

February 21, 2017 by Samantha Martin
Natural Acne Skin Care

Acne may be something that appears on your skin, but the effects can go much deeper. We live in a society that makes us far more self-aware and overly critical of ourselves when we are at our best, so it is no surprise that with cases of depression and anxiety there is an ever-increasing link between depression and acne.


Severe acne can affect a person’s confidence and self-esteem, particularly during the teenage years when hormone levels are high. However, this dip in confidence, which may also lead to depression, may also be part of the problem that is causing the acne to flare up more. To teenagers, appearance and social acceptance are important and the appearance of acne in these early years can leave a lasting effect on someone’s self-image.


Acne can lead to:


Fear of being mocked

Socially awkward behaviour


Missing school or work when suffering from a flare up

Poor body image and low self-esteem

A reluctance to develop social skills

Fear of establishing new relationships


A sign of depression is a person’s reluctance to take care of themselves and show an interest in self-improvement. This won’t help the person take action over their acne and thus make the situation worse. A cycle can begin that will not create a solution to a person bad skin.



How To Get Good Skin


With an increase of hormones and low self-esteem, it can be difficult to raise the mood and feel that a solution can be found. We have talked before about how your mood affects your skin health. If your skin is the reason you are not feeling your best, then treating the problem from within may be the solution.


Our help: clear skin product is 100% natural and clinically formulated to help fight the causes of acne from within. Get clear skin with natural antibacterial lactoferrin, aloe vera and zinc gluconate, simply mix our product with water, your favourite drink or soft foods, once a day, to digest this clinically proven spot and acne treatment.


Take a look at our case studies to see how our products work and what others have achieved from using them on a regular basis.



Looking Good Is Feeling Good


Once your skin starts to improve with consistent, regular use of help: clear skin, you will find that your mood lifts and you feel better about your appearance. Look for ways to lift your mood if you do have a low day. Whether that’s through exercise or watching a funny film, do whatever works best for you. Keeping yourself hydrated, well rested and cheerful can vastly improve the tone of your skin. It can even help to stop the skin on your face sagging causing wrinkling to start too early in life.


Help: clear skin isn’t just for women as many men will also suffer from the effects of acne. We have formulated a separate help: clear skin product, especially for men. Our product is suitable for vegetarians, diabetics and anyone lactose intolerant and is also gluten free.


It is important in today’s modern society that we all learn to love ourselves and love our skin too. You have the power to feel as good as you look and look as good as you feel.










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