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Back acne: 4 tried and tested treatments

September 18, 2014 by Works with Water

What is the best back acne treatment?

Back acne can break out on your back, shoulders and upper arms. It occurs for the same reason as acne on your face, excessive sebum (oil) is produced, which can clog up your pores, attract bacteria and lead to nasty blemishes. Worst of all, you can be stuck with scars that stay with you for life.

The problem is, it’s often harder to control as your back is clothed, meaning it’s more likely to get oily and pores are also larger there, so are more likely to get clogged up and cause the breakouts. This is why people with so-called “bacne”  need a different approach to their treatment methods.

Here’s our top back acne treatments to help get your skin clear, then keep it clear for good.

Back acne treatment #1: Exfoliation

Ensuring that your body is clean won’t banish acne you already have, but it might prevent future breakouts, as it’ll stop pores from becoming blocked and rid your skin of the bacteria that causes spots.

The problem with this method is it may aggravate the blemishes you already have in the process. It won’t make them worse, but it may make them appear more red and blotchy than usual. We recommend exfoliation on a night so that your skin has chance to calm down.

Back acne treatment #2: Skin Supplements

A little-known solution to back acne is to take a skin supplement, which provides your body with the extra help it needs to cleanse your pores from the inside out. Cleaning your skin both inside and out is a powerful way to reduce skin problems then prevent them coming back. Try help: clear skin, which is clinically proven to reduce blemishes thanks to a special formula that hinders the development of bacteria within the skin.

This treatment can often take four weeks to kick your skin into gear, but once it does the results tend to be long-lasting.

Back acne treatment #3: Creams

Benzoyl Peroxide and topical antibotic creams are often prescribed for those suffering with acne and in many cases they can help to prevent pores from clogging up and kill bacteria found on the skin.

The problem with topical creams like these is their side-effects. For instance, Benzoyl Peroxide can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight and there’s a possibility that the bacteria on your face will become resistant to antibiotic creams if you use them too often.

Back acne treatment #4: Diet & Lifestyle

Changing your diet and lifestyle could also help you to banish blemishes on your back (and the rest of your body too).

Although a change to your diet won’t guarantee your acne will improve, you could try eating more leafy green vegetables and swapping out sugary foods for fruit ensuring your diet is cleansing your system and giving your body all of the nutrients it needs. You should also take steps to reduce your stress levels, as many skin experts believe high stress levels could lead to more breakouts.

Image via Carlos Reis Flickr.

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