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Avoid Tales of Skincare Horror This Halloween

October 31, 2016 by Lidia
Halloween is the creepiest time of year with the pore-clogging thick costume makeup we readily apply so we have the spot treatment to rescue you!

Talk about skin-crawling… Halloween is the creepiest time of year for your skin. With all the pore-clogging thick costume makeup we readily apply. Not to mention spending the next morning scrubbing off the last of that cheap costume eye makeup that just won’t budge. Taking the correct procedures before covering your face with oily makeup can ensure that Halloween this year does not become a horror story for you.


Halloween Makeup Preparation

At Works with Water, we are focused on natural skincare to help maintain healthy, clear skin whatever the occasion. With this in mind, we have put a few tips together to help you prevent a skincare horror story:

  • Before you apply your Halloween costume makeup, glitter glue and excess caked-on base, it’s important to treat your skin to ensure that Halloween does not take its toll on your complexion.
  • Despite ending the night with a glass too many and wanting to cosy up, do not fall into bed with your fright mask still intact. This can maximise the risks of spot breakouts, redness from skin irritation and discolouration. Is it really worth feeling like this after one night of being Maleficent?
  • You can still maintain a doll-like clear complexion by keeping a skincare regimen strictly in place that will prevent your skin from screaming in terror.


A Spot Treatment That’s Not Scary

It is irritating having to deal with the aftermath of clogged pores and blemishes. So rescue your skin from breakouts this Halloween with an acne treatment that works. Our natural spot treatment, help: clear skin is the natural defence you need between your makeup and skin. It’s time to choose to treat your skin and keep damages such as acne and spot breakouts to a minimum.

Each daily sachet is easily mixed into beverages and soft foods. It is a clinically proven spot treatment that reduces acne, redness, and scarring. Key ingredients include natural anti-bacterial Lactoferrin, a bioactive milk protein which is clinically proven to be effective in reducing spots and acne by boosting the body’s defences to help eliminate bacteria.

With our anti acne supplement, you will be skin-ready in preparation for that thick, gloopy Halloween makeup. Plus it will also keep your skin nourished and problem free the next day!

So follow our natural skincare tips and ensure you wake up with beautiful, glowing skin. Even after the horrifying mask of makeup you had the night before!



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