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Are you putting too many unnecessary skincare products on your face?

October 23, 2013 by Works with Water


Is your bathroom cabinet brimming with all manner of lotions and potions to pamper your skin? Well, you may find that most skincare products are superfluous and some could actually be harmful to your skin’s health.


We live in the infomercial era. As vulnerable consumers, we are lead to believe that something is wrong with us if we don’t resemble a celebrity or supermodel, but that there is something we can buy to fix the problem. However, we’re quite simply putting too many unnecessary products on our faces. Some are over rich and often people assess the symptoms rather than the cause of their skin type. People chase quick fixes and waste a lot of money doing it.

The list below isn’t comprehensive, but it should make you scrutinize your medicine cabinet more closely. It might also irritate you when you realize how much you’ve spent on products you don’t need.

Super expensive skincare products
When it comes to skincare, expensive doesn’t necessarily equal better. Often these super fancy-schmancy products are loaded with snazzy ingredients (stem cells, anyone?), which can yield allergic reactions and/or are typically way more than your skin needs.

“A waste of your time and money,” says dermatologist Leslie Baumann. “Toners were invented because cleansers used to leave a soapy film on your skin that had to be removed. Today’s cleansers don’t do that.”

Hydrating serum
Basically it’s “fluff” because alone it doesn’t do too much. Serum seals skin after an invasive procedure, so it is best used post-treatment. However, if you have sensitive, reactive skin all of the time, then using a serum will help soothe your skin.

Creams designed for specific body parts
Try not to get sucked into the marketing ploy that you need different creams for each and every body part. A good body lotion can be used on all parts of your body — no special body-part-specific creams necessary.

Facial Masks
While facial masks are fun to do during an at-home beauty night to de-stress while you’re taking a bath, like serums, masks are really only necessary to use after facial procedures to soothe sensitive skin. Not one that needs to be used regularly.

Lip balm
Some people do develop allergies to certain lip balm ingredients. You could try using plain old petroleum jelly, which is certainly the frugal way to do it. If you must have a lip balm, choose one with no added color or fragrance.

Helping your skin from within
Instead of wasting money on what goes onto your skin, try treating your skin from the inside. help: clear skin and help: revitalise my skin are two products that have been designed to do just that and contain only natural ingredients.

Acne is caused by bacteria attacking the sebum contained in your pores causing inflammation – you can fight the P.acnes bacteria by taking one sachet of help: clear skin a day with your favourite beverage or soft food. It really is that simple!

Are you suffering with dull, lifeless looking skin? Eating one of our tasty, apple flavoured help: revitalise my skin gel sticks a day will help you get back that glow you have been missing. Containing CoEnzyme Q10 (CoQ10) and Aloe Vera, help: revitalise my skin will help your skin stay beautifully revitalised… and in tip top condition. These skin rejuvenating active ingredients can also help slow down the ageing process.

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