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Are you confusing dry skin with dehydrated skin?

January 30, 2014 by Works with Water
Skin Damage | Radiant Complexion

Yes, there is a difference… Dry skin is first a skin type, whereas dehydrated skin is a skin condition.  The two are often confused because skin can be dry and dehydrated at the same time, or you may have a dehydrated surface with a buildup of dead skin cells, but oily skin underneath. Here’s all the facts you need to discover if you have dry or dehydrated skin.

Dry Skin – normally a skin type but can be a temporary skin condition

  • caused by lack of oil in the skin
  • small pores
  • ‘tight’ feeling
  • may be flaky
  • milia, blackheads and spots may still be present
  • skin looks dull
  • skin is not plump
  • doesn’t absorb products easily
  • easily irritated – more likely to suffer reactions to products
  • aggravated by poor skincare

Dehydrated Skin – is a skin condition affecting any skin type – including DRY

  • caused by lack of water in the skin
  • pores can be large or small
  • skin feels tight and dry although it can confusingly sometimes look oily and have acne breakouts
  • >absorbs moisturisers really quickly
  • blackheads and spots are still visible
  • makeup disappears (and goes patchy) throughout the day as the skin is absorbing any water in your foundation
  • skin looks ‘ashen’
  • aggravated by lifestyle circumstances – may suffer from a lot of headaches

Skin is made up of 70% water – around  20-30% of that is in the epidermis (top layer of the skin). In normal circumstances, your hydrolipidic film acts as a regulator and barrier – retaining moisture and protecting against germs. If – for whatever reason that is compromised, the moisture in the epidermis evaporates too quickly and the normal, healthy state of the skin is compromised.

The reality is that most of us at one time or another – but ESPECIALLY at this time of the year – are dehydrated.

Any and all of the following can cause dehydration:

  • Environment – wind, cold air, dry air, too much sun, air conditioning, central heating
  • Diet – the wrong foods, alcohol, caffeine, not eating enough water-heavy foods, not drinking enough
  • Lifestyle – stress, poor skincare routine, using the wrong products, medication – including birth control, smoking
  • Genetics – monthly cycle, pregnancy

Solutions for Dry or Dehydrated Skin
When you’re not taking the best care of your skin, it can lose the substances that help protect it from damage, and that means you have to put them back in the form of antioxidants, skin-repairing ingredients, and cell-communicating ingredients.  Whether you have dry or dehydrated skin, the same fixes can work… help: revitalise my skin is a tasty little gel supplement that will not only help you fight the signs of ageing but will enable you to get your skin in tip top condition.

The CoEnzyme Q10 (CoQ10) in help: revitalise my skin will energise your skin, protect against photo-ageing, rejuvenate your skin by stimulating skin cell activity and collagen production and best of all, it is a potent antioxidant… add to that the healing properties of Aloe Vera and you have got yourself an all-round skin pleaser!

Here’s what our customers have to say after using help: revitalise my skin for just 1 month

“… thanks to help: revitalise my skin, I feel my skin is less dry, better conditioned and I’m happy.”
Ms Sayomaru

“After having the whole month of this supplement I found my skin less drying and a bit firmed. When I put makeup on, I don’t have to touch up as often as I used to have and the amount of concealer used is minimised. I highly recommend you to try it :)…”
Dorothy’s Little Wonderland

“Result, I have tried this for one month, my rough skin feels smoother, the tone and the condition of my skin feels better…”
Aoi’s Happy Diary.


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