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Aoi’s Happy Diary help: revitalise my skin review

March 18, 2013 by Works with Water

With ageing we lose elasticity and moisture from our skin… As I get older I’m especially focused on anti-ageing skin care but never really thought about treating my skin from inside out. Recently I had an opportunity to try help: revitalise my skin from Works With Water, made in UK  it’s an anti-ageing jelly! My first UK supplement, very interested and I’m excited to try it out.

help: revitalise my skin 4 box = 4 week supplements.
1 box contain 7 sticks, 1 week supplements.

help: revitalise my skin supplements contains:
CoEnzyme Q10, a proven anti-ageing agent, up immunity, antioxidant, stimulates the energy production of cells and helps health maintenance. Also contains Aloe Vera.

Eat 1 stick a day for easy natural skin care from inside out.

Apple flavor, no artificial coloring or additives, suitable for vegetarians, diabetics, and anyone on diet.

Jelly supplement looks like this >>


I don’t like really sweet tastes but this supplement has a healthy understated sweetness, just right for me. Apple flavor? It doesn’t really taste of strong apple, I wonder if the taste is a preference of British people. For someone who has sweet-tooth they may want a little more sweetness.

Tasty as it is, but I also enjoy this jelly supplements mixed in yogurt!

Result, I have tried this for one month, my rough skin feels smoother, the tone and the condition of my skin feels better since I started taking help: revitalise my skin.

At the beginning I was little anxious, wondering if foreign country supplement is safe but help: revitalise my skin is 100% natural and I was assured to try.


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