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Anti-ageing super ingredient: What is CoEnzyme Q10?

August 4, 2015 by Works with Water
CoEnzyme Q10 Anti-ageing supplement

Anti-ageing super ingredient: What is CoEnzyme Q10?

We’re often asked which is our favourite ingredient when it comes to getting rid of wrinkles and delivering a number of anti-ageing properties.  Our skincare team are all agreed that one of our top ingredients for more youthful-looking skin is CoEnzyme Q10.

Whilst it seems that every week we’re introduced to a new “secret” ingredient in the media that could help reverse the signs of ageing and give us all a youthful glow, time and time again health experts and skincare specialists sing the praises of CoEnzyme Q10, proving this is one popular ingredient that’s definitely here to stay!

The natural skincare benefits of CoEnzyme Q10

CoEnzyme Q10 (you might also see it being referred to as CoQ10) is a bit like a vitamin. It’s already in every cell in all of our bodies and it promotes cell growth, regeneration and maintenance. It can also act as an antioxidant, which means it protects your body from harmful toxins that can lead to disease.

So people can take CoQ10 supplements to help with a whole host of issues, such as heart problems and even cancers. But here at Works With Water we’re interested in its benefits to our skin.

Because CoQ10 can help cells to grow and regenerate it’s a vital ingredient in reversing the signs of ageing. Imagine it’s a bit like a weekend away for your skin cells. Detoxing and administering a heavy dose of vitamins and minerals for each skin cell.

help: beautify skin and CoEnzyme Q10

help: beautify skinWe include CoEnzyme Q10 in our PravenAGE™ formula in help: beautify skin supplement because we want your skin to feel refreshed, look youthful and stay nourished from the inside out. What’s even better, is our product is a jelly that you eat straight out of the sachet. According to recent studies the best way for your body to absorb CoQ10 is, you guessed it, by eating or drinking it rather than rubbing it on your skin!

We’re committed to creating formulas that aren’t just full of great ingredients, like CoQ10, but that help each ingredient to work well with another – we’re essentially super-charging our supplements by developing the best possible formulations. Combining CoEnzyme Q10 with natural ingredients Collagen, Resveratrol, Aloe vera and Vitamin C ensures your skin gets a boost in all the ways it needs it; soothing, revitalising, smoothing, rebuilding and refreshing your skin on a daily basis.

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