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Anti-ageing ‘super-facials’ that ruin your skin

April 23, 2012 by Works with Water

An interesting article in the Daily Mail today tells of how ‘super-facials’ paid for by thousands of women are too abrasive and bad for your skin and could lead to long-term damage.

There are two treatments that give cause for concern. The first is microdermabrasion, which costs between £40 and £100 for a 15-minute session, and involves tiny aluminium crystals being blasted at the skin via a high-velocity jet of air. This ‘sandblasting’ effect takes off the top layer, which is then suctioned away, revealing the glowing new skin underneath.This treatment promises to remove fine lines, make skin clearer and prevent ageing.

The second is the chemical peel known as a glycolic, which costs between £50 and £80 and takes just a few minutes. It uses an acid derived from sugar cane to dissolve the ‘glue’ that holds the older, top layer of skin in place. The result is baby-soft new skin.

Most women find that after just one of these super-facials or at-home peels, the results appear miraculous. Without the top layer, skin looks fresher and pores seem smaller — at least for a few days. But after frequent use leaves them with broken veins, uneven lined skin, dark pigmentation spots and acne.

‘The trouble is, women then get addicted to these treatments and their appearance afterwards,’ says Dr Lowe. ‘Few realise the outer layer of skin is not useless dead cells but a vital protective barrier. It keeps out pollution, conserves moisture, acts as our skin’s own natural sunscreen and keeps acne bacteria at bay.

Acne sufferers can also have problems after an excessive number of super-facials. ‘Exfoliation can cause rebound acne,’ says Dr Lowe. ‘When the skin is damaged, it tries to repair itself by increasing skin cell production. But these skin cells can block your pores, which causes spots, which in turn makes women exfoliate more. It becomes a dangerous yo-yo effect.’

So if we should be wary of these so-called miracle super-facials, what can we do to get younger-looking, blemish free skin?

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