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Advice to your best friend on their acne problem…

August 23, 2013 by Works with Water
acne treament

A query popped into my inbox from Jenny who has a close friend who suffers from very severe spots/acne and she wonders how best to go about recommending her friend seek a solution to her obvious skin problems without causing her embarrassment or offense. It’s tricky to discuss very personal issues, even with your very best friends…unless they actually raise the subject and invite your opinion and ask for help. It’s quite common for most of us to battle alone with personal problems as we often misguidedly feel that our problems are unique to us…no matter what we might read in the media. So how best to help a close friend, relative or colleague with a problem such as acne that clearly is causing them distress and discomfort?  I promised Jenny I’d reach out to our help: clear skin followers and devotees as I’m guessing you are in a much better position to advise her how to broach the subject from a very personal perspective. Q.  What advice and help would you accept to sort out your acne problems? Q.  Is it more difficult to listen to a friend or colleague who has what you perceive to be ‘perfect’, blemish-free skin.  After all…what do they know?  (You might be surprised…) Q.  Does Mum/Dad/Sister know best, particularly if they suffered from acne when they were younger? Q.  Does the internet help when you are searching for a solution to your acne and spots…or do you feel more confused than ever with the options of ‘natural acne treatments’ versus ‘topical acne lotions’ versus ‘acne prescription medication’? Really look forward to your personal thoughts and suggestions on how we can help Jenny to help her friend….

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