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Adult Acne Curse – help: clear skin may be your natural solution

November 28, 2011 by Works with Water

Interesting article in the Daily Mail on the growing problem of adult acne in adult women…something we know a great deal about from the number of women in their late 20’s onwards using help: clear skin.


Once considered the curse of teenagers, acne is now afflicting many women throughout their adult lives, with more than one in five developing acne after the age of 25 – even if they never suffered from spots as teenagers.

The study be Nantes University Hospital in France also reports that adult acne takes a different form to teenage spots.  Unlike adolescents, who tend to get T-zone eruptions, women past their mid-twenties get more cystic spots which are deeper under the skin.

Adult acne also tends to be more sporadic, with 85% of women reporting attacks before and during their period.

See the full article here, courtesy of the Daily Mail…

And as an example of how help: clear skin really can help adult acne, here’s an email just in from one of our valued customers, Ms A Taylor….

“Been using help: clear skin for 4 months now.  Have seen a great improvement in my skin.  I am 41 years old and have been suffering with acne since a teenager, getting more at period time.  Now being on help: clear skin I don’t get so much and they are smaller (if I get one).

“Would love if there was more research into help: clear skin so that I could get it on prescription.”

Do please visit our case study section here to learn more about how help: clear skin might help you achieve a clear complexion, whatever your age…or gender.

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