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Acne YouTube teen now successful model

September 13, 2012 by Works with Water

You may remember a previous blog we wrote about Cassandra Bankson an acne sufferer who bared all to show others how to apply make-up to create flawless looking skin, well not only is she a YouTube web hit, she has been strutting her stuff on the catwalk at New York Fashion Week this week.


Commenting on her first runway assignment, she told the New York Post: “It feels like a dream to be here during Fashion Week… I am a different person from who I used to be because I’ve got so much more confidence now.”

Cassandra, who was diagnosed with cystic acne at 14, says her skin condition is about 70 per cent improved since she first hit the web.

Using her time at home after leaving school to do Internet research, she learned about makeup, concealer and foundation, and which products worked best to conceal acne blemishes. “I could put those on and look like another person,” she said. “All of a sudden I felt confident.”

Since posting her YouTube video she has shared more of her tips on her YouTube channel ‘diamondsandheels14’ and via her blog. Her dream is to become a dermatologist and create her own skin care range.

Grateful for what she’s overcome, Cassandra said she hopes to help others reach their full potential. “When I was younger, I was told by teachers that I should be a model – ‘You’re so tall,’” she said. “But all I saw was I was ugly.

“You can’t appreciate feeling amazing and loving life until you’ve actually been at the lowest of low. So when everything turned around and I was able to feel this, I want everyone to be able to feel this.”

It just goes to show what you can achieve when you have more confidence but this is a huge battle for acne sufferers to overcome. We (the Works with Water team) hear from customers every week who are so desperate for a cure to their skin problem because they feel so low and have huge self esteem issues. This is the reason we run our help: clear skin case study trials, it means we can help those who cry out for assistance and we have seen so many of them flourish as a result of gaining clearer skin. Check out our help: clear skin case study participants stories.

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