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What is your acne telling you about your lifestyle?

January 29, 2015 by Works with Water
what is your acne telling you

People get acne and spots for all kinds of reasons. Maybe it runs in the family or maybe their skin just tends to produce much more sebum (that’s spot-causing oil) than everyone else’s.

But there are many who believe that the appearance of your skin can actually tell you a lot about your body, your diet and your lifestyle, and by making certain changes you can improve how your skin looks in those areas and especially to fight off acne.

The process of looking at your face and making assumptions about your lifestyle is known to some as “face mapping”, which makes a lot of sense!

Think of your face as a map. Instead of X marking the spot, the spots mark certain areas in your life that need addressing. Cool idea, right?

The idea behind this ancient practice if that you can tweak elements of your lifestyle you can improve your overall health and get rid of spots in the process.

So let’s get started…

Forehead = Digestive system

Spots on the forehead tend to signify issues with digestive health. Have you eaten a takeaway or had a lot of chocolate recently? We recommend keeping dairy down to a minimum and drinking lots of water to aid your digestive system in breaking down foods that aren’t so good for you. Always try and detox your skin and your diet if you’ve had a day of greasy or sugary foods to give your pores a chance to recover.

Mouth = Hormones and stress

Blemishes around your mouth on either side are often caused by hormones and changes in stress levels. This means that women may notice more problems in these areas at certain points throughout the month – either during ovulation or menstruation. Of course there’s nothing you can do about that, but to calm down hormonal and stress fluctuations make sure you take good care of yourself with plenty of exercise, sleep, water and a healthy diet.

Chin = Stomach

Spots underneath your mouth and on your chin often signal problems with your stomach. Similar to the forehead, we recommend cutting out on fatty, greasy or sugary foods if you’re noticing a lot of spots gathering on your chin. If you’ve eaten badly for a day or two, then drink plenty of water to flush out your system and try and pack as much exercise into your day as you can.

Eyes and ears = Kidneys

Skin problems that are really close to your eyes or on the tops of your ears could be an indication that your kidneys are a little sluggish. Make sure you’re rehydrated…and drink up!

Nose = Heart

If you’re fighting off spots on or around your nose, it could be a link to your heart. Experts recommend getting your blood pressure checked to make sure it’s not too high or low and then making changes to your lifestyle accordingly. If high blood pressure is your problem, then cutting down on red meat and avoiding stress could both work to make a huge difference.

Cheeks = Respiratory system

Spots on your cheeks – just under your eye area – can indicate a problem with your respiratory system. So if you smoke or have allergies you’re bound to notice a fair few spots the more you smoke or the more you’re exposed to your allergies – which will be a real problem for hay fever sufferers during the summer months! Don’t smoke or have allergies? Then make sure you get as much fresh air and time outside as you can over the next week and that extra oxygen and added circulation to your pores could help to clear up minor problems.

Of course spots in these areas can be brought on by a number of different factors, but by making shifts in the way you live, move and eat you might notice your most problematic areas become clearer and healthier as time goes by.

If you’re experiencing a great deal of acne in more than one area, then it’s best to seek solutions that will address your problems from the inside out. We recommend you try our product help: clear skin, an acne-fighting soluble supplement to add to your favourite soft beverage. Wherever on your body you’re experiencing spots – it’ll improve the condition of your skin and reduce whiteheads, blackheads and  redness all over.

This is a general guide to face mapping. Please visit a doctor if you think you may have an illness that could be affecting the condition of your skin.

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