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Acne Summer Breakouts

May 15, 2018 by Samantha Smith
acne summer breakouts

Acne summer breakouts are extremely common for the simple fact that sweat mixes with the dirt build-up of the day, plus the sebum secretion, which all accumulates into pores effectively clogging them. But just because you suffer from facial or body breakouts, does not mean you should miss out on the summer fun. Here are a few tips to help make sure acne sufferers can also enjoy the outdoor fun in the sun.

Choose Oil-Free Sun Protection to Protect Acne-Prone Skin

We touched on this in an earlier blog but there’s no harm in reiterating it.

Oil-based sun protection will undoubtedly only help clog pores further, so it is recommended to use sun protection that is mineral-based such as with zinc oxide or titanium, as both ingredients are great at absorbing oil – not creating it. These non-comedogenic options won’t clog pores whist still providing broad spectrum sun protection.

Watch What You Eat to Help Reduce the Likelihood of Acne Summer Breakouts

Summer eating and drinking usually involves BBQ’s, eating out, snacking on junk foods, increased alcohol consumption & sugary drinks and so on. But all these things are high in sugar. Sugar increases insulin levels which increase sebum production so, yes you’ve guessed it – increased sugar intake can lead to breakouts. Eating a healthy, balanced diet daily (not seasonally) may really help.

Moisturise Daily to Help Support Skin Health

Although many who have acne may not want to, it is important to moisturise skin as it is vital to help maintain a healthy skin barrier especially during hot weather. Not applying it could worsen skin, so choosing a lightweight, water-based moisturiser is best. This way skin won’t feel greasy or uncomfortable and you can rest assured you are supporting your skin’s health.

Clothing is Key to Minimise Acne Summer Breakouts

Body acne is extremely common in the summer therefore, when choosing what to wear, it is important to consider what clothing is made from. Cotton is an extremely breathable fabric that allows air to pass through and helps absorb sweat. This is great as it means less sweat isn’t sitting on your skin. As we already mentioned sweat mixed with dirt/sebum results in clogged pores. Polyester, on the other hand, is water resistant so sweat will remain on skin, effectively helping to clog pores until your next shower.

Choose a Natural Skin Care Remedy

So, sweat + sebum + dead skin cells + dirt = clogged pores which are the very breeding ground for the bacteria causing acne known as P.acnes. help: clear skin and help: clear skin MEN are specifically formulated to kill P.acnes. The active ingredient Lactoferrin inhibits the growth of P.acnes. It is present on most people’s skin and responsible for acne, spots and blemishes, thereby it helps lessen the number of new skin irritants forming. It also possesses effective anti-inflammatory properties so the size of blemishes are reduced and the blemishes heal quicker, resulting in a smoother complexion. Acne Summer Breakouts

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