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Acne sufferers stay on track…

November 8, 2011 by Works with Water

Recent research from the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center has shown that teenagers trying out acne treatments see better results when the treatment is accompanied with regular internet-based communication. This is mainly due to the fact it encouraged them to follow medication guidelines and to not quit half way through the trial.

Here at Works with Water Nutraceuticals we know how important it is to follow product guidelines mentioned on the packaging. It can make the difference between failure and success! When trying out our anti-blemish product help: clear skin, it is important to follow the instructions religiously and take a sachet a day for a minimum period of three to four weeks to see results. We have found that those who fail to do this are not seeing the results they were expecting, which is a real shame.  For extra support, you can download our skin diary to monitor progress and stay on track.

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