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Acne: Not Just Skin Deep

August 7, 2015 by Works with Water
acne survey results

Works With Water calls for greater awareness after survey reveals 48.9% of sufferers have been bullied

Just days before beauty blogger Em Ford from My Pale Skin showed the true face of the daily abuse thrown at acne sufferers, Works with Water’s acne skincare survey revealed that nearly a half (48.9%) have been bullied because of the skin condition.

Conducted in conjunction with the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN), the survey showed that acne had implications that weren’t just skin deep; sufferers were prone to depression, had lower confidence levels and over 80% reported suffering on a daily basis because of the condition. The survey covered 272 respondents who were all regular acne sufferers.

Jules, founder of Works with Water Nutraceuticals, said “These survey results show how deeply people are affected by acne. After a lifetime in the industry, I’m not surprised by the results but the recent video blog by Em Ford demonstrated in a poignant way what acne sufferers face on a daily basis. As an industry and a society, we need to have greater awareness that acne is a medical condition and NOT associated with personal hygiene, poor diet or other lifestyle factors.”

The survey asked respondents to document what they had experienced as a direct result of their acne; they included;

  • Being stared at by strangers
  • Worrying about not being able to get a boyfriend/girlfriend
  • Fearing discrimination at interviews or work
  • Avoiding going out because of acne

Two thirds of respondents specified they felt depressed as a result of their acne or the medication they were taking to combat it.

Acne sufferers are willing to dig deep into their pockets to find a solution to their skin problem. Almost half of all respondents (47%) spend between £250 and £500 a year on products to help clear their spots and blemishes, whilst 1 in 10 say their acne products cost more than £500 on a yearly basis.

These survey results show that acne should not be considered a simple dermatological ailment, but something that has mental, emotional and even financial ramifications.

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