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Acne and Mental Health Week 2019

May 13, 2019 by Samantha Smith
Mental Health

As its Mental Health Week this week, we thought we would focus the importance of good mental health. How we think can affect how we feel about ourselves as well as the world around us. Poor mental health can be detrimental to our overall health.

This is because the brain is a powerful organ and has the ability to persuade us we feel great or we feel depressed. Poor self-image is one of the main causes of poor mental health. Feeling you are not as beautiful as the next person, your skin is less perfect, you’re shorter than you would like to be, or your hair isn’t the right texture or length – all these so called ‘unimportant’ characteristics of people can become overly important to some, making them fixate on such issues. Mental health begins to deteriorate when those who focus on their apparent ‘flaws’ begin to compare themselves to others.

This can be especially true for acne sufferers. The need for perfect skin. Teens want perfect skin now and adults want to know where their acne came from and how to get rid of it ASAP. The truth of the matter is there is no quick fix, and this trial and error to eradicate acne or at least get it under control can lead to poor mental health. The anguish that can be felt during every skin breakout can be unbearable.

help: clear skinThere are of course many acne treatments out there that may help. Topical treatments which treat the skin from the outside and supplements like help: clear skin and help: clear skin MEN that work from within to kill acne bacteria on skin, helping to effectively ‘clear skin’. Doctors can prescribe stronger treatments if all else does not seem to work. It’s important to get to the root cause of acne, so you know better how to treat it.

It’s important to remember, if you don’t suffer from acne, to be far more understanding of those who do. Making inappropriate comments in person or on social media only fuels their poor self-image and can add to their poor mental health. Everyone gets spots at some point in their lives, so before you comment on another’s appearance, ask yourself ‘how would I feel if someone said that to me’?

Social media has a wonderful way of highlighting every aspect now considered great about the human body – a perfectly formed physique, long healthy hair, perfect skin – this too can fuel poor mental health. Many try to aspire to be what others only depict themselves to be. Let’s face it, no one is perfect, but on social media you can portray yourself to be anything you want to be. It’s important to remember not to believe everything you see.

Having good mental health gives you the ability to change your perception of yourself. To see yourself in a more positive light and to raise your opinion of your own self-image.  This is why good mental health is so important. It has the ability to change your perception about life and allow you to accept certain aspects about yourself that you never accepted before, for example, your body weight, shape and size.

How did you improve your own mental health? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

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