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Is Acne Hereditary?

November 13, 2012 by Works with Water
Is Acne Hereditary

Did your dad have acne? Do your siblings? Lucky you, it just might run in the family. A 2002 British study suggests that 81 percent of acne can be attributed to genetic factors rather than environmental ones.


So, Is Acne Hereditary? Acne is a skin disorder, not a curse.  Like high blood pressure or diabetes, having a parent or sibling with acne increases the chances that you will experience acne as well.

This is particularly something to consider if you’re experiencing adult acne.  Research conducted at The General Infirmary at Leeds’ Department of Dermatology “suggests that familial factors are important in determining individual susceptibility to adult persistent facial acne. Genetic factors may determine the failure of acne-prone follicles to evolve into acne-resistant follicles in early adult life.”

One more thing to blame your parents for!!!

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