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Acne, is it holding you back?

November 3, 2011 by Works with Water

Reading a very frank interview with Rob Brydon in the Belfast Telegraph has made me wonder how many people have struggled to get where they want to be because of acne.

Sufferers of this skin condition already have to deal with a lack of confidence in their appearance, most feel uncomfortable and shy and do not want to attract attention to themselves . It is hard for them to move out of their comfort zone so already the acne is holding them back from doing the things they should be doing to enhance their lives .

Having only recently being able to speak about his skin problem Brydon has some very shocking tales of the knock backs he has faced in life because of his skin condition.

“The problem with acne is friends and family, keen not to upset the sufferer, will often declare, ‘It’s not that bad, really’ when in fact it’s appalling… My family played it down. They saw beyond my skin, but it did affect me. I was always fearful of rejection in the last stage with girls. It was the kiss that scared me.”

Auditioning for a job as a presenter on a Sky programme called Xposure, the producer observed, ‘Rob’s very good but it’s a pity his skin looks so bad in some lights…’. Despite this, he got the job.

On another occasion, a casting agent specialising in commercials told him, ‘Ah, right, your skin … it’s not very good, is it? I’m afraid I’m not going to be able to help you. I mean, I could hardly put you up for a chocolate commercial, could I? Eat this and you’ll look like me…’.

How many acne sufferers out there have given up after having their confidence knocked by hurtful comments and do not have the courage to persevere? I love that Brydon has shown the insensitive people for what they really are, but when are we going to stop being a nation that judges a book by its cover?

Read more about Rob Brydon’s new book on the Belfast Telegraph website:

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