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Anti Acne diet for beginners

October 3, 2014 by Works with Water
Acne diet with asparagus and tomato

Many skin experts believe that a key factor in beating acne is a healthy, balanced diet.

In this post we explore why acne and diet choices are so closely linked. We look at what foods to avoid, and how certain foods and supplements can significantly improve the quality of your skin.

Best of all, it’s easy to start your acne diet today.

Why acne and diet go hand in hand

Acne and diet are closely linked because acne is caused by an excess in sebum (that’s oil) on the skin’s surface, which mixes with dead skin cells and leads to blocked pores.

Diet is one of the things that can affect how much sebum our skin produces. Improving your diet can reduce inflammation, and can also rid your body of the toxins that mix with sebum to cause acne breakouts.

Creating your first diet for acne

Your anti acne diet can start today – just make it easy for yourself, and make one change at a time. Making a big commitment on day one could be hard to sustain, so try adding or removing one element from your diet at a time. It won’t be long before you’re eating a perfect diet and seeing real results.

What to include in your acne diet

Creating a new acne diet doesn’t have to be daunting. There are a number of foods with long-heralded acne fighting properties that could clear your skin from the inside out.

 1. Water

Drink more water throughout the day. You should aim for around eight litres. The water will flush out the toxins from your body and keep your skin hydrated, which means less breakouts and less reason for your body to produce excess oils. If you find it hard to consume enough water, try setting an alarm on your phone throughout the day to remind you to drink up, or just fill a large bottle of water and ensure it’s all gone before you leave work in the evening.

2. Skincare supplements

While you’re drinking so much water, try adding a skin supplement like help: clear skin, which is specially designed to reduce blemishes. It’s a quick way to pep up your drink with natural ingredients that help clear your skin from the inside, and can be mixed into food too. The easiest way to make a positive difference to your diet and help fight acne in the process.

3. Fruit & Veg

Not only is eating fruit good for providing your body with much-needed vitamins, but it’s also a great alternative to more sugary foods. Always carry a banana or apple with you to avoid reaching for chocolate, fizzy drinks or other handy but over-processed snacks.

On that note, pack as many vitamins and minerals into your diet as possible. You can take a daily vitamin tablet or stock up on leafy green vegetables and consume a portion of fruit. Aim for around five helpings of fruit and veggies per day.

 4. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Add more ‘good fats’ into each day. Experts believe that omega-3 fatty acids can control the production of sebum on the surface of your skin. Try and pack some of these fats into your new diet by eating more avocados, oily fish or walnuts.

What to avoid in your acne diet

When embarking on a new diet for acne there are a few key things that you should try and avoid, or reduce from your daily diet to banish blemishes.

 1. Alchohol

Too much alcohol can build up the toxins in your body and lower your immune system. To avoid making your acne worse, limit your alcohol intake to 2 or 3 glasses per week.

 2. Caffeine

2. The same goes for caffeine. A small hit of caffeine may give you a boost, but too much and your body becomes overloaded and can’t get rid of it properly. Only have one coffee or caffeinated drink per day to avoid caffeine overload.

 3. Artificial Sugar

Sugary foods are believed to cause breakouts, so if you have a sweet tooth reach for fruit instead. Fruit still contains sugars called fructose, but they’re much kinder to your body than artificial sugars.

4. Saturated Fats

It’s a similar story with saturated fats. Ever noticed you get a breakout after eating a pizza or a takeaway? Some experts believe that fats will cause your body to produce excess oils, which means more severe acne.

Live an anti-acne lifestyle

Remember that diet is an important factor when it comes to preventing and banishing acne, but so is your lifestyle.

You should aim to exercise regularly to get your blood pumping and most importantly, reduce stress. Many health experts believe that stress is closely linked to acne, so learn to relax and do the things you love to not only calm your mind, but calm your skin, too. Even dancing can improve your skin health!

We’d love to know how your acne diet is going. Let us know on Twitter, and we’ll be right there to cheer you along!

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