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Acne Awareness Month Tips & Advice

June 11, 2018 by Samantha Smith
Tips & advice to prevent acne

Its week 2 of our blogs during acne awareness month and we are back with a collection of all the tips & advice we have to offer on how to deal with, treat and help prevent acne. These are the aspects most acne sufferers want answers to. We hope that at least one, if not all, of these tips will help you. Click on a link below for advice on any of the topics.

Acne Awareness Month – Our Frequently Asked Questions

My skin is oily, how do I take care of it?

Oily skin is the number one concern for acne sufferers. Oily skin (caused by the over-production of sebum) results in clogged pores and therefore breakouts. But there ‘are’ ways to help maintain a healthy oil-balance and help keep skin clean (with an awesome facial washing routine). Read on to discover how…

Can I shrink my pores?

This question is asked a lot as their appearance is generally unwanted. Though it’s not do-able, there are ways to help minimise their appearance. Read on to find out how…

Can make-up help hide acne?

There is no need to be afraid to wear make-up in case it causes clogged pores – when applied correctly and with non-comedogenic ingredients, it can be very effective in helping improve the appearance of skin. Keep reading to discover how…

Can sunbathing help my acne?

The sun is powerful, but not enough to treat acne. In fact, the sun’s rays have the complete opposite effect to acne breakouts, blemishes and scars. Read on to find out just how…

What foods cause acne?

Diet is one of those aspects of our lives we can control but that more often than not we seem unable to do. Read on to discover the foods found to trigger acne and therefore to avoid…

What can I do to help prevent breakouts?

There are things we all do on a daily basis that can inadvertently cause skin breakouts. Not just diet and non-comedogenic skin care products but a few other things that may surprise you. Read on to find out…

What treatments are available?

With so many available it can seem confusing as to what to try or what to do next. At Works With Water we will always recommend all-natural treatments as we firmly believe nature gives us what we need, but obviously there are other treatment options available which we have outlined here for your convenience…


We hope you found these tips and advice helpful and welcome you to leave a comment in the box below to let us know about your own experiences.

We also hope your 6 weeks to clearer skin challenge is progressing well. In our next blog, we will be sharing the positive experiences from others who have used help: clear skin and help: clear skin MEN, which will undoubtedly help motivate you to continue with your clear skin journey.

3 thoughts on “Acne Awareness Month Tips & Advice”

  1. Max Sayer says:

    One of my sons is in the stage where he is starting to break out so I wanted to look up some tips on how to help him. I really appreciated how this article talked about oily skin results in clogged pores and therefore breakouts. I will have to let him know to clean his face of oils and if it gets too bad checking out a dermatologist.

  2. This was self explanatory. I have a lot of people battling with acne, I’ll definitely recommend this to them

  3. Shalaka says:

    A quick read but filled with so much information on how to deal with and prevent acne. Thanks, Samantha for sharing this. Excellent post!

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