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Acne Awareness Month Introduces help: clear skin Success Stories

June 18, 2018 by Samantha Smith
help: clear skin success stories

Our acne awareness month of blogs is now focussing on help: clear skin success stories, because lets’ face it, when it comes to acne, treatments can be hit or miss. There can be a trial and error period with treatments, so it is helpful to know there are others who have tried help: clear skin and it has not only transformed their skin, but their lives too.

help: clear skin MEN Success Stories

We want people to realise that help: clear skin is for men too. We know that men also suffer from acne and want to prevent it as much as women do. Here are a few inspiring success stories which hopefully motivates you to try an all-natural treatment like this, to see the results they experienced.







Chris, 24 “I had used herbal remedies & prescribed medication but nothing worked so I didn’t hold out much hope on this product but I was desperate at this point and would have tried anything. I hated my skin and even though I could hide my acne under my clothes, it still got me down. So I tried help: clear skin MEN. It said try for 4 weeks so I did but only started to notice a difference by the end of week 4, so I kept using it and my skin has been becoming clearer and clearer. I am seriously surprised because it’s like I’m not even doing anything to clear it. When you apply a cream or something it’s like you are doing something but this is just a drink – I add it to a drink. It easily slots into my day and no one even knows I am using it. No smelly odour and no skin irritation. Help: clear skin MEN has really helped my skin and I’m happier for it.”








Luke, 18 “It’s definitely one of the best acne products I’ve tried and as it’s natural. My skin wasn’t completely clear by the end of week 4 but it had cleared up a lot! Because it started to clear up I kept using it and my skin is even clearer now. It’s hard to believe that this product could actually work better for me than other common treatments. It is easy to take and fits into my life easy – I just add it to my drink in the morning and the treatment is done for the day. Help: clear skin MEN is well worth a try if you hate your skin and need help to clear it.”

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help: clear skin Success Stories







Sarah Pinder, 22 “I always thought acne would be something I would simply grow out of but it never happened. As I got older my confidence levels dropped and it stopped me from socialising with friends and family outside of the house. Because it wasn’t just confined to my face, it also really limited what I felt comfortable wearing too.”

However, the once shy girl from Dudley came out of her shell after trying help: clear skin.

Sarah experienced such a dramatic improvement in her skin in just a few weeks that her confidence soared. So much so she landed herself a new job and began enjoying getting out and about socialising with friends too.

“Now my skin is looking and feeling so much better I feel much more positive about the future.”

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The Bottom Line

These are just a few case studies outlining personal help: clear skin successes. We hope their clear skin journeys inspire you to try our 6 weeks challenge, to help you see for yourself that there is hope out there to achieve a clearer complexion. This all-natural supplement really could help you achieve clearer skin, (whether you’re male or female) with visible results within just 6 weeks of use!

And as always, let us know you’re help: clear skin experiences so hopefully your story can inspire others too.

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