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Suffering acne breakouts…AND the beginning of wrinkles? help: clear skin and help: revitalise my skin to the rescue!

May 1, 2013 by Works with Water
Acne and Wrinkles

How unfair is Mother Nature that she not only inflicts acne breakouts (which many of us were led to believe would diminish as we left our teens) but also the beginnings of wrinkles!

However, you can take measures to combat both problems by taking a natural soluble skin supplement such as help: clear skin which contains lactoferrin to combat acne and high grade aloe vera to nourish skin.  Adding it to tap or bottled water ahead of and during the summer months also ensures you receive the beneficial hydrating effects that pure water can provide for an improved, smooth and spot-free complexion.

Fittling perfectly into our busy lives, natural apple-flavoured, ready-to-eat gel help: revitalise my skin contains proven anti-ageing agent CoEnzyme Q10 – which has both energising and anti-oxidative benefits – AND Aloe Vera to aid skin regeneration.

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