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Acne and anti-ageing skincare tips for humid climates

July 17, 2015 by Works with Water

Now we’re well and truly into the summer months here at Works With Water HQ, we wanted to share our top skincare tips for when the temperature really soars, it’s extremely hot, humid and you’re struggling to find what your skin needs in a tropical climate – you lucky things!

Of course we rarely feel that way in the UK, but given the recent heatwave and the fact we know many of our readers are jetting off to exotic locations within the next couple of weeks, it’s a great time to share some of our skincare wisdom.

Stay hydrated – without clogging your pores

When we jet off on holiday, many of us forget our tried-and-tested, feel-good routines that serve so well back home. Drink plenty of water. In fact, drink way more water than you would here!

Drinking water hydrates all of your cells, so when you have enough water your brain works better, you feel more energetic and your skin cells have everything they need to flush out toxins and leave you looking fresh. If you’re prone to spots or acne, try adding a sachet of help: clear skin to one of your daily glasses of water will help reduce the level of bacteria your skin produces and help keep skin irritation and breakouts at bay.

Ditch the make-up – it’s too heavy

Yep, this can be either music to people’s ears or an absolutely terrifying prospect. But when you’re dealing with soaring temperatures, the last thing your skin wants (or even needs) is to be slathered in make-up.

Although some people swear make-up doesn’t lead to acne, it’s hard to make that kind of argument when you know breakouts are caused by pores that have been clogged with sebum and bacteria. In hot and humid weather everyone’s skin is likely to produce an excess of sebum – which means more chance of developing acne and spots.

We’re certainly not against make-up but we believe that if you focus on nourishing your skin first and foremost you can ensure it’s smooth, spot-free and younger-looking with a better routine. That way you might not even need make-up to cover imperfections – because there won’t be any!

So why do you need make-up in the first place? If you use it to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and make your skin look fresher and more rejuvenated, then try our help: beautify skin beauty supplement.

It’s made from 100 percent natural ingredients CoEnzymeQ10, Collagen, Resveratrol and Aloe Vera and especially formulated to nourish your skin so it looks healthier, smoother, younger and more revitalised  – whatever the temperature happens to be outside!  Plus it’s great eaten chilled straight from the ‘fridge or icebox.

Take regular showers – cool down your body and your skin

As well as increasing your water intake, you should dial up your showering habits when you’re in a tropical climate. Any oil and sweat that’s left sitting on your skin for too long can lead to either a spot breakout or skin that looks saggy and tired.

Opt for a shower at least once, but preferable twice a day. You don’t have to stay in there for long, just make sure you give your face and body a good clean. And don’t neglect your back. Many of those who suffer from acne on their face are also prone to back acne and pimples on their chest and upper arms. Although you may not normally experience spots in these places, when you’re abroad, sweating more than usual and changing your routine you may start to notice them in new places.

To avoid a surprise back acne breakout, make sure you’re packing a box of help: clear skin MEN in your luggage. Not only does it help to keep your face looking fresh, but it also fights off back acne with its natural ingredients and anti-inflammatory properties.

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