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Achieve ‘Picture Perfect’ Skin on your Wedding Day

May 3, 2016 by Works with Water
perfect wedding day skin

It’s tipped as the biggest day of your life and you can guarantee that guests will have shared photos of you on social media before you have even said ‘I do’.  So it comes as no surprise that the pressure of looking perfect leaves many brides stressed out.

Lee GlasgowMinimal make-up and a laid back attitude are the secrets to appearing flawless in your wedding photography, according to professional photographer Lee Glasgow, who has captured the special day of thousands of couples over the last 20 years.

How can you achieve ‘picture perfect’ skin on your wedding day? Works with Water’s range of natural supplements contains all the ingredients you need for flawless skin on your special day and, paired with Lee’s advice, ensures stress won’t affect your complexion on your big day.

You can’t control everything

You can’t control the weather or whether everyone is happy with the seating plan, so are these things really worth worrying about? Having a more laid back attitude will mean you feel happier and more confident while naturally looking more radiant. This relaxed wedding environment will definitely translate to your photography!

Think ‘natural beauty’

Avoid wearing layers of make-up. Too much concealer and foundation will dull the ‘glowing’ look that every bride wants on her wedding day.

Stress spots, red rashes and full on breakouts – just some of the stress related skin complaints brides-to-be battle on the countdown to their wedding day. Great skin comes from within, so start your preparation early. From drinking plenty of water to eating your five-a-day, what you eat is reflected in your skin.

help: clear skin, help: clear skin MEN & help: beautify skin

Acne breakouts can really dent confidence, so begin your skin nourishing regime with soluble supplements help: clear skin – and for hubby-to-be there’s help: clear skin MEN. Formulated with ingredients that are proven to reduce acne, blackheads, pore size and improve congested skin, both natural skin supplements can be added to water so will encourage you to keep skin hydrated.

Innovative ready-to-eat jelly help: beautify skin contains anti-ageing ingredients that nourish from the inside out, leaving you with naturally glowing, healthy skin that requires only a minimal amount of make-up.

Research and plan

Choosing a photographer can be a tough call, but the decision should be based on the way you want to remember your wedding.

Lee says: “Decide what sort of style you want for your wedding; contemporary, luxury or something a bit more quirky like a retro 1940’s wedding? Then select suppliers that are appropriate. If you are having an outdoor natural wedding then don’t choose a photographer that specialises in Footballers Wives. Ask to see their portfolio and examples of former clients similar to you. It’s the official record of your big day, so you need a photographer who will capture you at your absolute best.”

Relax – it’s supposed to be fun

Research shows that acne breakouts can be brought on by stress, so less stress means less spots. Limit stress and breakouts by having time away from wedding talk.

Lee comments: “I’ve lost count of the number of couples I’ve met who are so consumed by stress that they forget it’s supposed to be a day to enjoy. Leave the wedding talk alone and do something relaxing. Go for a walk, have a spa day, enjoy time with friends. It will leave you relaxed and feeling more prepared for the day itself. A stressed-out bride and groom don’t look their best in photos.”

Remember – it’s all about you

The important thing to remember is that it is your wedding day and your time to be happy.

Lee adds: “Every couple comments on how quickly the day itself disappears in a blur. The race to get ready, the nervous journey to the venue, so many friends and family to catch up with it, the list goes on. Slow down, take it all in and make time to celebrate your special day together, it will make for better memories.”

If you’re getting married this summer, now’s the perfect time to concentrate on preparing your skin for your big day in front of the camera.  Why not download our skin diary and record your skin’s progress as you take your daily sachet of help: clear skin or help: beautify skin supplements.

In as little as 6 weeks, you can have smoother, blemish-free, camera-ready skin….

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