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7 Essential tips for the best wedding day skin

June 3, 2015 by Works with Water

The wedding season is nearly upon us, which means celebration, family reunions and lots of fun. But anyone who’s been behind-the-scenes of a wedding, either as a bridesmaid or even a bride, knows that it usually takes a lot of planning to make sure everything runs smoothly. 

Flowers? Check! Guestlist? Check! Itinerary? Check! Well, we want to throw one more thing into the mix: skincare.

We know the last thing any bride or groom, wedding planner or bridal party needs is another thing to worry about. But when it comes to bride and groom skincare, just like when it comes to bridal flowers, dress and hair, the sooner you start preparing the better.

Most days we’re all happy to walk around with a few imperfections and not think twice about it, but when all eyes (and cameras!) are on you, you’re going to want to look your best and put a bit of extra thought into your skincare routine in the build-up to your day.

1. Switch out caffeine and alcohol for water and tea

It’s advice we tell our readers time and time again. But staying hydrated is probably one of the best skincare tips out there – and the easiest!

When your body is hydrated everything inside is functioning at its best, including your skin cells. If you’ve got plenty of hydration in your system your body is better at flushing out toxins, fighting off bacteria and generating newer, healthier-looking skin cells. Not to mention staying hydrated will rid your face of any inflammation or puffy-looking cheeks from over-indulging on alcohol and caffeine.

Plus you’re bound to be having a glass of champagne or three at your wedding, so save it until then!

2. Start preparing your skin as early as you can

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again: start thinking about your skincare for your big day early! You don’t want to get to the morning of your wedding to realise you should have adopted a slightly healthier routine – or possibly even reduced your skincare products.

Here at Works With Water, we take an inside-out approach because we believe nourishing your body and your skin cells with natural products will lead to a glowing, healthy, acne-free and wrinkle-free appearance on the outside. The thing is our products need a month to start really proving themselves and showing the best results on your skin. So you need to make sure you take this into consideration when planning around your big day.

If you’re worried about an acne outbreak, then start taking our help: clear skin or help: clear skin MEN supplements with a glass of water each day for a month before. If you want to appear more radiant and youthful, opt for our help: beautify skin jelly instead, which plumps skin, rids your body of dead skin cells and reduces the signs of ageing.

3. BUT… Don’t overdo it with masks and exfoliators

Because many skincare experts tell brides and grooms they should start thinking about their wedding skin routine early, many people begin to panic. They reach for harsh masks, intensive creams and even more invasive treatments in an attempt to leave their skin health and glowing for their big day. But sometimes this can have the opposite effect. Often these kinds of treatments can leave your skin feeling red, irritated and even cause a minor allergic reaction. Many of these symptoms will die down after a day or two, but there’s no telling you won’t still have some redness from the week before, so don’t take the risk and opt for gentler, longer-lasting treatments instead.

4. Make sure you try new products a month before the big day

One of the biggest pieces of skincare advice we’ve read around your wedding day, is to avoid trying new products up to a month before the big day. Now this doesn’t just mean new cleansers or treatments, it means new washing powder, deodorant – you name it! Of course very few people have reactions to these kinds of products, but there’s always a chance something could cause you to have irritated skin or bring on an outbreak at the worst possible time. So if you want to try something new, try it now before it’s too late.

5. Take a good multivitamin – especially if you’re dieting 

Many people are on a diet before their big day, whether it’s something that feels gruelling or they’re just filling up on leafy greens more than usual. However you’re eating up until you’re wedding, we recommend supplementing your diet with a good multivitamin. This is especially important if you’re restricting calories or you’ve cut something out (like sugar or caffeine) that your body is really used to. Think of taking multivitamins as a way to balance out the scales again and make you look and feel your best.

6. Stop stress in its tracks with mindfulness and self care

In the lead up to your big day there’ll be moments when the stress and nerves kick in a little more than usual. In order to stop these feelings taking over your exciting plans, take a mindful approach and expect them then accept them! There’s no point trying to fight off feelings off stress, they’ll come along and you’ll be able to deal with them.

If you’re feeling really overwhelmed ask your friends and family to do a little bit more planning and put yourself first. This could mean a day off thinking about anything wedding-related, a weekend away or just a bath when you planned on staying busy.

7. Remember the best base for your makeup is clear, smooth skin

Many people put a lot of focus on their wedding day makeup. But you need to start with a good base so that makeup doesn’t wear quickly due to grease or look bumpy because of outbreaks and wrinkles. It’s much better to think about creating a good base rather than piling on layers of product to cover up any issues.

So there’s our rundown of the top skincare considerations before your big day arrives! Do you have any other tips or suggestions to share? Just let us know in the comments below!

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