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5 things you need know before you go to Body Power Expo

May 11, 2015 by Works with Water

It’s not long until Body Power Expo and there is plenty to look forward to! THE event for any person focused on and dedicated to bodybuilding and fitness will host a number of sports personalities such as Dana Linn Bailey, Lewis Moody. and Alex Reid as well as various events to see.

If you’re booked in or thinking of going, here are 5 things worth knowing before you go:

1. It’s not just for men

More women are going to the gym than ever before, so the Expo hasn’t left you out, ladies. There will be plenty of opportunities to meet other women interested in bodybuilding and fitness in general, as well as some dedicated women’s stands.

2. Hulk Hogan will be there!

THE Hulk Hogan, the legendary American sport-defining wrestler – why would you ever need to know anything else about the Expo? Still, we’ve written 4 more things you should know just in case you’re not a Hulkamaniac!

3. Weightlifting does cause acne

We don’t want to put your off the great sport of weightlifting but it does impact your skin, not just your muscles. Weightlifting increases the production of testosterone, which makes the body produce more oil, leading to breakouts of acne. A daily dose of help: clear skin MEN will allow you to carry on working out, increasing muscle strength and bone density while keeping your skin in shape as well!

4. It will be great fun but it could be tiring!

There’ll be plenty of walking around on the day, not to mention some exercise if you’re up for the various challenges on display. Remember to stay hydrated if you want to be on top form all day.

5. The summer should be hot this year!

Okay, so England’s not best known for having fantastically great weather but this year meteorologists predict it’s going to be warm – fingers crossed! While there’s the chance summer may not turn out to be hot, you definitely can be by finding out how to have the perfect beach body at the expo. We’ve also previously provided some tips for looking after your skin in the summer available here.

That’s all you need to know before you go to this year’s Body Power Expo. It’s going to be an interesting one this year with plenty of things to do and stars to meet. We hope you enjoy it!

Now you can keep your skin in shape as well as your body with help: clear skin and help: clear skin MEN. You may be interested in our previous blogs on health and fitness.

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