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5 Things You Do Daily that Can Cause Breakouts

January 1, 2018 by Mitesh Soma
5 Things You Do Daily that Can Cause Breakouts

You are doing everything you can to prevent breakouts and yet they keep happening – but why? Seems things we do day-to-day without even realising may be the cause.

Stress. Who doesn’t have this nowadays? But some people react to stress differently to others. Stress can develop from work or home life and affects all of us at some point in our lives. Stress itself doesn’t cause acne but it can activate it, as it causes hormone levels to rise and fall. These fluctuations can stimulate oil glands and make acne much more likely to develop during stressful times.

Best way to help avoid breakouts caused by stress is to find ways to deal with stress that work for you. Mediation, deep breathing, even talking to someone can help. Exercise is also recommended as is getting more sleep and managing your time so that you are not overwhelmed by your to-do list.

Touching your face. This is something we all do, for instance when thinking in front of the computer, talking on the phone, resting your face in your hands whilst in a café, it could be anytime anywhere. But our hands carry germs and bacteria which when transferred to our faces could be preparing skin for an infection and for acne to develop.

How can we combat this seemingly involuntary habit? Most likely we can’t unless you have the willpower of a Buddhist monk, but we can try to avoid doing it as well as keeping our hands clean so that when the habit does arise, we won’t feel the need to get the old loofa out on our faces and start scrubbing.

Hair Products. Now it’s even our hair products fault! Seems products containing silicones, oil and plasticisers clog pores when your hair touches your face. These ingredients will no doubt be on your pillow cases too so make sure you do another load of washing soon. So if you’re hair loves these products, unfortunately your skin wont. Avoid wearing your hair down if possible or find new hair products that work for you.

Not showering post-workout. So you’ve put in the hard time, lifted weights, increased sets & reps, added some cardio, maybe even some HIIT and your clothes are saturated with sweat – a sign of a great workout right? So why would you skip the post-workout shower? Sweat mixed with dirt can clog pores which can cause a breakout on the face, chest or back. Make sure you wash your face and body after working out, not only to at the very least smell pleasant to others, but to keep skin clean and healthy.

Processed food. The body needs to be nourished to stay healthy, this is also true for skin. In order for skin to be healthy we need to nourish it and invest in it. Consuming processed foods is not nutritionally beneficial to you or your body. Foods such as white bread, rice and pasta (refined carbs) cause the body to have a high glycaemic index which causes insulin to spike causing an increase in sebum production and clogged pores. A diet high in refined carbs is detrimental to skin’s health. A healthy diet is key to healthy skin.

Here at Works With Water we are also keen to promote such ideals. The help: clear skin range has been created with this theory in mind – the basis to feed skin well from within. Its formulation contains both Aloe and Zinc which combine to nourish the skin with essential vitamins & minerals. help: clear skin works from within, but you may also need to work on these outward habits if any are contributing to your breakouts too.


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