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4 Skincare Tips to Stay Fresh-Faced During Your Fresher’s Year

October 11, 2016 by Lidia
The flurry of freshers activity can wreak havoc on your skin. We uncover 4 skincare tips and spot treatments that can leave you looking fresh faced

In the transition from home comforts to taking on the big bad world, this year’s freshers face a multitude of stresses. And the flurry of activity can wreak havoc on your skin.

Settling into University life means uprooting your entire schedule. New friends, new diet, party pressures, campus commutes and all of those energy-drink-fuelled deadline-hitting late nights. With all this going on, your skin health can take a hit, regardless of your beauty regime.

So for all you students settling into your first term away from home, we’ve compiled some skincare tips to keep you looking fresh-faced for the exciting year ahead.


• Water Way To Treat Your Skin

Staying hydrated is one of the easiest ways to keep both your mind and your skin feeling fresh. From juggling social outings and lectures to alcohol, junk food and not getting enough sleep, you can soon become very groggy as your body’s need for rest kicks in – this can impact your skin too leaving it tired and prone to spots and acne break outs.

Keep a water bottle filled up throughout the day to counteract tiredness and dull skin – plus it can work wonders against hangovers too! Hydrated skin is healthy skin.


• Skip the Junk Food

We understand how compelling those cravings can be. But stodgy, greasy, oily food just isn’t a good gateway for healthy skin. Counteract late night takeaways by making sure your regular meals are full of nourishing fruits and veg. What you eat and drink really does reflect in your skin and overall appearance. Learning to cook for yourself can be a cheaper and healthier option. Make big batches of your healthy dishes and freeze them. It’s kind to your tummy and your purse!


Wake Up Fresh Faced

Over the course of the night, while you sleep your skin works away regenerating skin cells. A foundation-filled face doesn’t give your skin the room that it needs to breathe. Meaning this rejuvenating process is made a lot more difficult. A top tip would be keeping some face wipes by your bed. A thorough cleanse of the daily dirt, pollution and germs that have built up on your face by the end of the day is ideal for ensuring bacteria doesn’t clog your pores leading to blemishes and spot and acne breakouts.


Keep On Top Of Your Skincare Routine

It’s vital that you don’t neglect your skincare routine in the first few frantic weeks of uni. Particularly as it’s a time you definitely want to look your best for those many first impressions!

Use a kind-to-skin face wash and moisturiser on a daily basis to keep your skin clean and fresh. Whilst juggling social circles, studying and trying to catch as many zzz’s as possible, your skincare doesn’t need to be an additional stress. And certainly, nothing that should consume your otherwise-well-spent time!

help: clear skin and help: beautify skin are the ultimate skincare-on-the-go beauty must-haves! A spot treatment containing completely natural ingredients help: clear skin is clinically proven to reduce spots, redness and acne.

The great thing is that it can be easily implemented into your daily routine as it can be stirred into any drink or soft food (soups, breakfast cereal, teas, shakes, smoothies), or even cake mixes – perfect for all you Bake Off buffs!

Alternatively our delicious edible beauty jelly help: beautify skin is the ultimate in natural anti-ageing skincare, packed with hydrolysed marine collagen, vitamin C, aloe vera, resveratrol and other skin-loving ingredients – as it’s ingested and not applied topically, your whole body benefits, leaving your skin glowing from within.


Morning til night (or those crazy all-nighters), it’s great to take with you in your bag as the ultimate ‘skincare on the go’.



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