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Glow & behold! Give Your Skin Some Summer Lovin’ With These Heat-Defying Skincare Tips

July 25, 2016 by Lidia

The British Summertime has had a bit of a shaky start, but in a month that’s included the hottest day of the year and temperatures in excess of 30°, we can safely say the sun has firmly popped his hat on… better late than never!  But as we laze about outdoors, take solace in frozen treats, and cool off with a bit of paddling (if you’re lucky!), our skin is bearing the brunt of this beautiful weather.

Although we may feel full of the joys of summer, hot, humid weather can wreak havoc with our skin – acting as a leading cause of breakouts and acne. Not the kind of sunspots we’re interested in!  If you are concerned that breakouts might be brought upon by these soaring temperatures and quickly fluctuating weather, there are several skincare practices you can follow to keep you protected from pimples.

Be UV Ready

We understand the temptation to whip out those sun dresses and show off your freshly summer-primed pins (we’ve waited all year after all!) but make sure you’ve slathered on enough high protection sun cream to keep your skin safe. The sun factor protection factor (SPF) is graded between 2 and 50+, while star ratings range from 0-5.

Experts agree it is vital to choose both a high SPF as well as a high star rating to keep your skin protected against harmful UV rays – even on overcast days, these rays can not only cause unsightly burnt patches, but also cause premature aging and invisible damage to your skin as they penetrate deep skin layers, whilst being a leading cause of skin cancer.  During our summer months, UV rays are at their strongest between 11:00 and 15:00.

UV Photography shows significant amount of invisible sun damage

UV Photography shows significant amount of invisible sun damage

Photo: Hove Center for Facial Plastic Surgery / Via

Don’t Sweat It – And If You Do, Wash It Off!

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It sounds icky, but a sunny disposition doesn’t mean you’re impervious to perspiration! Whether you’ve been out and about or tied to your desk in a stuffy office, make sure you wash your skin after you perspire.  Not only does this give you a quick freshen up, it washes away pore-clogging oil and dirt that builds up on your face.  When you can, make sure you use a soothing, alcohol-free face wash followed by warm water to rinse. If the water is too hot your skin will be stripped of moisture, whereas lukewarm water will open up your pores.

Oil & Humidity Go Hand In Hand – Give Greasy Skin the Heave-ho!

Fullscreen capture 25072016 152143.bmp

Stuffy and humid conditions can make your skin’s pores produce more oil than usual, which unfortunately is a breeding ground for acne. Our help: clear skin range contains a specially formulated solution called PravENAC™, which limits the growth of bacteria, reduces oiliness and helps repair damaged skin cells.

PravENAC™ is a tasteless water soluble milk protein complex which means that it can be dissolved in water, or your favourite refreshing beverages and soft summer foods!  For an extra nutritional boost, help: clear skin contains high extract Aloe Vera and Zinc Gluconate, providing additional anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to help you achieve and maintain clearer, brighter, spot-free skin.

So keep breakouts at bay, soothe your sun-scorched skin and sip your way to a healthy, glowing complexion with help: clear skin.  Just pop it in your bag before heading out into the great British sunshine, et voila! The ultimate skincare routine on the go!

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